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  1. .ben

    Forgot to write SID on exam paper

    Hey guys, I had an exam today where you had to fill in your details for a multiple choice computer sheet. I filled in everything and wrote all my details except I didn't colour in the circles for my student number (I filled wrote the numbers in the boxes above). I only realised after they said...
  2. .ben

    HECS Question

    Hey guys Let's say I'm a CSP student (eligible for HECS) at the moment, but last year I decided to pay my fees upfront. But starting this year, now I want to utilise the HECS scheme and put the fees due on loan. Do I have to visit the student centre in person or can I change it online? Thanks
  3. .ben

    Australia Post

    Hi, has anyone here worked for Australia post before? If so could you give me some info about their interview and testing process? thanks
  4. .ben

    Pre-enrolment question

    Hey guys, For pre-enrolment do we have to do it online or by paper or both>? thanks
  5. .ben

    referncing in essays

    How many referecnes on average would you need for an essay 1200-1500 words in lenght?
  6. .ben

    oem software

    can i install and reinstall (unlimited times) an oem windows vista home basic onto a comp with the same hardware? can i install an oem windows vista home basic onto a comp and then change a piece of hardware (e.g hard disk) and reinstall oem windows providing i wipe the original copy on the...
  7. .ben

    are tutes compulsory?

    hi tomorrow i have a one off clash preventing me from attending my math1606 tutorial and obviously don't hav etime to apply for special consideration (just got notified today). so do i just not go and provide written explanation next week or do i have to go other wise i fail? tks
  8. .ben

    Enrolment Day Fee Question

    On enrolment day, (assuming you are a CSP student) you have to either take out a HECS-HELP loan or pay some or all of your student contribution right? Now when they are talking about student contribution, on the enrolment day, do you have to pay a whole 4 years (or however long your degree is)...
  9. .ben

    Buying on ebay

    Hay guys, when u buy on ebay and you wanna pay for an item by bank express deposit, do you include the shipping cost in the amount u transfer into the seller's account?
  10. .ben

    Difference between OEM hardware and non-OEM?

    I found this really cheap core 2 duo processor on the net. but it was OEM so i got a bit worried. What's the dif between OEM hardware and non-OEM?thx
  11. .ben


    Ok, if a guy and a girl people are having a drink, and tyhe girl gets really smashed and the guy one doesn't, and the guy takes advantage of the female sexually against her will (if she wasn't drunk), is that rape?
  12. .ben

    How far can course cutoffs fluctuate/?

    I've heard it can rise/fall by 5 to 6 UAI per year. That's a hell of a lot. I wanna do pharmacy next year but my UAI is only 2-3 above the cutoff. Do I need to be worried?
  13. .ben

    Buying new computer/part

    Hello, It's bin a while since I was in 'the loop' of keeping up to date with computers and tehcnology and what not. So can anyone tell me if this is there any chance of getting the following compoentns for a new pc under 1000 dolars. Core2 Duo E6600 1GB ddr533 Geforce 7900 gt 512mb OPTIONAL -...
  14. .ben

    Harder Meth Induction

    This question is hard beware: Given Un=4Un-1-5Un-2+2Un-3 together with U1=3, U2=1, and U3=0, prove that Un=2n-1-3n+5 for n=1, 2, 3 ..... For the algebra in this one, do you assume for n=k, n=k+1, and n=k+2 and prove for n=k+3 or assume for just n=k and n=k+1 and prove for n=k+2? Thanks
  15. .ben

    Binomila Theorem Question.

    Hey. Find the coefficient of x10 in the expansion of (x-1/x)6(x+1/x)8 . Do you have to expand it? seems ridcululous what if it was to the power of 20?
  16. .ben

    The Ultimate Thread of CHemistry Question HSC 2006

    Hey wit the ach ess cee coming in about 2 weeks I thought it would be good to have a thread where the kind people of this thread would answer random questions? Post ur questions. I'll get us started: 1. Do we actually have to known an example of a CFC and equations involved? 2. How do...
  17. .ben

    chemistyr question

    Can someone explain to me the difference between reducing and non-reducing sugars? I don't really understand the CC edition it's more like listing. thks
  18. .ben

    2 types of gene therapy

    which gene therapy do we have ot know about? 1. insert corrected gene into retrovirus--->insert virus into human target cells---> human able to produce protein----> feeling better OR 2. insert corrected gene into retrovirus--->allow retrovirus to attack stem cells taken out of...
  19. .ben

    WHy do different elements produce colours in flame test?

    Is is becausethe electrons become excited jum p and fall the n release energy? Also how can you tell which colour it produces on an emission sprectrum? is it by looking at most dominant colour?> Finally, how do you describe an emission spectrum? do you just list the wavelengths and colours...
  20. .ben


    Hey guys hwen u differentiate, which derivative do you use to find concave up or down and which do u use to find increasing or decreasing function? thnx