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    Official UAI Results

    96.2. I'd talked myself down to an 80-85 so I was incredibly happy. It was a much better result than I deserved. Doubt I'll get into my course but never mind :)
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    Section 3

    Rime of the ancient mariner, lime-tree bower, wind in the willows and Prufrock for imaginative journeys. I think I wrote about 1800 words (~14 or 15 pages). My story was better though. I didn't know what to do with Wind in the willows. Oh well, off to burn my notes now, I guess.
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    Anyone thinks they have killed the test

    Section 1- 7 pages section 2- 12 pages section 3- 14.5 pages Section one was so much harder than in our trial paper... I think I successfully bullshitted my way through it though. The story was awesome. I think the stimulus actually improved mine.
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    School ranking

    someone... I think it's the Daily Telegraph publishes ranks for the top 200 schools. I doubt you'll get anything longer than that though.
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    Last Line of your Major Work?

    A quote: Living to live in a world of time beyond me; let me Resign my life for this life, my speech for that unspoken, The awakened, lips parted, the hope, the new ships. Best find all extension 2. Fits the story perfectly so I had to get it in.
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    How is everyone feeling about HSC exams?

    Under 90 and I'll probably cry. I expect 90-95 but 98 just seems ridiculous, even tho it's only an extra 3 points. Meh, we'll see. I might become mysteriously inspired to work some day.
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    Rules for Customers

    Newsagency 1. Look for your newspaper before you ring up and complain about it not being there. And I didn't throw the paper. Don't bitch at me about the service, I've never even met half the delivery guys. And I don't care about your sore arm/leg/wrist or roken fingernail that...
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    How is everyone feeling about HSC exams?

    Feeling worse and worse cos theres a course I foolishly mentioned I'd quite like to do which has a 98.2 uai which i dont think i can get but teachers and parents keep telling me i'll get it easily so now I'm freaking out about what people are expecting me to get... Everyong thinks I'm much...
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    Omg Its Due Soon

    ...And at 2783 words, I think it's time to start cutting back..
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    Omg Its Due Soon

    It's too big! The whole thing's so complicated I can barely explain it to myself, let alone in 1500 words to someone else who doesn't have the enormous honour of access to my mind. It'd me much easier if it could be written with lots of "um"s, "you know?s" and "sort of"s... Oh well, opefully...
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    Do You Like English?

    I find I have an amazing ability to bullshit my way to top marks through assessment after assessment, no matter how little study I do. Therefore, I love english!
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    Can I?

    Crime fiction is damned boring, although marginally better than the gothic was. Wish ext2 english got an automatic 100% in advanced like ext2 maths does.
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    Parlons-nous le francais ici! Voil*, je l'ai trouvé. Nous, d'habitude, on utilise "year 13" mais je suppose que "year 12" serait utile aussi. :)
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    Parlons-nous le francais ici!

    Moi, française?? Euh... non, pas moi. L'autre fille dans ma classe est française. Et si, je l'apprends. Ou, ben, théoriquement je l'apprends. C'est * dire qu'on présent aux cours de fraçais mais je ne me souviens plus la derniere fois qu'on m'a vraiment appris quelquechose... Oui je connais...
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    Parlons-nous le francais ici!

    Connaissez-vous la chanteuse Olivia Ruiz? Elle est bien pour nous puisque elle chante assez lentement et assez clairement (???) qu'on peut lui comprendre facilement. En plus, ses paroles sont marrants et elle chante bien. Au fait, pour quoi faites vous un astérisque au place du mot "*"?
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    Board of Studies Internal Assessment Requirements

    My school's reduced the amount of tasks for almost every subject. We have 5 for english now... Not sure if they reduced that or not. At least with 9 tasks, if you stuff something up, it doesn't matter as much because of the lower weighting. We have: Journeys Journal Half Yearly exam on...
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    I did one that went for 10 minutes 4 seconds and it was about 1600 words. Wait, i'll check the word count. 1647, to be perfectly precise. Good luck.
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    How was your school day?

    holy shit, best day ever! (After 45 minutes sleep thursday night), I had a half day, came equal first for the extension 2 report (admittedly out of 5, but I've come second each time so far), then I got 100% for modern speech from the harshest marker known to man, handed in an assessment we've...
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    Coffs Harbour '07

    We're going there. free house!!! (what more excuse can you need?) Apparently this place has a beach it shares with the/a caravan park but is a bit out of town... any ideas where it is?
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    Unfit or medical condition?

    Really low blood pressure + lack of fitness? I think I'd go see a doctor.