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  1. fallenstar

    Worried my school's marking doesn't correlate with HSC marking...

    So, three days to go and I'm fretting over my marks like everyone else. But my main concern is how my school marked compared to the HSC marking centres. Internally, I am on high 90s for all of my subjects except one for which I am on 90. I am worried that my marks don't correlate with HSC...
  2. fallenstar

    Society & Culture Raw Band Cutoffs & Aligning

    hey everyone I hope you all went well today, I loved it XD Just wondering if any past markers or informed students know, even approx, the raw band cutoffs for Society? i.e. what raw mark is needed to attain an aligned band 6? Thanks <3
  3. fallenstar

    Raw marks/band cutoffs for History Extension in 2006-2007

    Does anyone know (even approximately) the raw band cutoffs and/or raw marks needed to attain a band E4 (45+) in History Extension in 2006-07? Thank you
  4. fallenstar

    Raw marks/aligning for History Extension.

    heyyy everyone, i hope you all went well today, i am thrilled with the exam XD just wondering if anyone - past markers, BOS people, teachers, or students willing to take a stab at it - know the approx raw band cutoffs for ext? (2006-2007) thanks
  5. fallenstar

    What raw mark is needed for 45+ out of 50 for SOR1?

    Anyone know the raw band cutoffs for SOR1 last year or the year before? Any past SOR1 markers? How hard do they usually mark, by the way? I got 49 in the Catholic Trial, but I don't think any of the RE teachers at my school have been markers.
  6. fallenstar

    Raw band cutoffs?

    Does anyone know (approximately) the raw band cutoffs for IPT over the past few years? Thanks
  7. fallenstar

    State Ranking even if you are ranked second internally?

    Is it possible to attain a state ranking for a subject even if you are ranked second internally? Just wondering
  8. fallenstar

    PIP awards - notification sent with return of PIP?

    Is the notification for an award sent with your PIP when it's returned to your school? My friend wrote an amazing PIP (on homosexuality if anyone's interested) and we're all intrigued about the awards...As the pips are sent back in the next few weeks we'd like to know if the notification is...
  9. fallenstar


    Hi, can anyone help me out with this? Scenario: 5th - 88 (internal) and 90 (external exam) 1st - 92 (internal) and 91 (external exam) If 5th is internally 4 marks behind 1st, yet only 1 mark behind them in the external... does 5th receive, for their moderated internal assessment, 87...
  10. fallenstar

    Final Internal Assessment Marks

    There's a bit of confusion at my school surrounding exactly how the final internal assessment marks are calculated. We get First Semester and Second Semester reports which have two different internal marks based on the cumulative assessment marks in those periods (December-May and May-August...
  11. fallenstar

    UAC Pin

    I'm trying to apply online; they are asking for a UAC Pin - have schools been issued with this yet? UAC site says NSW schools should have given them out in August. All we have been given is our BOS Online pin which will allow us to access our HSC results. Any info regarding the UAC pin would be...
  12. fallenstar

    When do we receive our PIPs back?

    I would like to know when the BOS sends back our PIPs, I know we don't receive our mark but like many others I have formed an attachment to that major work and don't have a hard copy of the final piece except for the one sent away...Approximate time of return, yes? merci.
  13. fallenstar

    PIP Awards

    Seeing as some PIPs receive awards from the Society & Culture Association, does this impact on the recipient's UAI in any way? My teacher was telling us once about how outstanding PIPs receive High Distinctions or prizes in specific subject areas e.g. Gender, Popular Culture, etc. Just like to...
  14. fallenstar

    Coffs Harbour History Study Day

    Just wondering if any of you are attending the Coffs Harbour History study day on Tuesday 31st June? It's held at the University and is supposed to be really good. I'm attending both of the World War One sessions, Leni Riefenstahl session and the Cold War session. Should be useful.
  15. fallenstar

    Half-Yearly Reports

    We receive our half-yearly reports, which include accumulated course marks so far and ranks, this week. Gah. Anyone want to share their report if they already have it? yeah. that is all
  16. fallenstar

    History Extension Half-Yearly Exam

    So, how did everyone go in their history extension half-yearly? Results yet? Hard/easy question & source?
  17. fallenstar

    loving S&C.

    amazing subject. no sarcasm. it's wonderful. anyone else share this sociological bliss?
  18. fallenstar

    Peter Heath in Coffs Harbour

    Our class went to see him & another senior marker at Coffs Southern Cross Uni a few weeks ago. Twas good. Anyone else attend?
  19. fallenstar

    Does anyone else suffer this?

    I love Society & Culture, but all the time I and others who do it receive comments like "that's not even a course" and "bludge, so easy" (of course, said by people who don't do S&C). It really irritates me because they are assuming that because I don't study Physics, Maths ext 2 or anything...
  20. fallenstar

    Did your school tell you...

    Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you got told by your principal/teachers if you got in the top 5% or less of the state for an SC exam..? I got told that I was in the top 3% for English SC.. :) & my friend, who got 97 in Maths, got told she was in the top 2% for that exam. I'm assuming...