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    Post your timetable 2010

    is having uni from 9am - 5pm, too much? (inclusive of an hour break in between) i'm paranoid having 2 lectures and 1 tute all in one day lol.
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    Sef Gonzales

    im doing him for my assignment too (: which is due tomorrow :( what he did was pretty messed up sif, you'd kill your dad that saved your life!
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    Dry Cell Help

    haha, i have that assignment too. its due tomorrow lols its one of the syllabus dotpoints, well few of them just get a textbook and it pretty much has all the answers in it macquarie revision guide is pretty good, cos thats what im using
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    Spanish 2008

    i'm doing spanish beginners through ohs (: im pretty behind in my phone lessons, i hate them so much. i just like sending the work in and thats it haha. ye, spanish dept gave me a warning letter when i sent in the work ><