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    Will I struggle with with "NO" HSC sciences AT ALL?????

    Obviously. It's a very chemistry/biology based course. Why do you want to do it if you haven't done any Year 11/12 science?
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    scientific researcher in finding cures for disease? which university b. degree?????

    Re: scientific researcher in finding cures for disease? which university b. degree??? Bachelor of Science. A Bachelor of Pharmacy will probably get you making pharmaceuticals or cosmetics, you won't necessarily be doing research. You'll have to do Honours as well as a PhD if you want to do...
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    Bachelor of Medical Science

    In essence, it's a glorified BSc in Biology. I know heaps of people doing it but I think you're better off with a BSc as you get more flexibility with your units. I'm at ANU so they choose 3/4 each Sem for what you do if you're in Med Sci. If you do a BSc or BSc (Adv) then you can do a bio major...
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    What careers can you go into with a BSc Physics major?

    You can get plenty of jobs that aren't necessarily in a science related field with a BSc. If you want to be serious about research, honours then a PhD or a MPhil would be the best way to go. Other that research itself, you may be interested in mining, defence systems, finance, patent law...
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    Double degree - worth it?

    I'm not sure how many politicians have Arts degrees or even IR degrees. If you want to be a politician, do Law/Comm or Law/Econ. Joining youth political clubs, as well as Youth UN would be great to give you a taste of what you're going to be into. ANU is pretty good for what you're looking to...
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    PhD's and Postgraduate Studies.

    Before you look at PhD or anything else, you should consider what degree really you want to do. You've listed a broad range of degrees, if you've got your sights set on university lecturing, then you're going to have to pick a degree like Science or Engineering and do honours. Look at the...
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    Double degree - worth it?

    Any course is demanding. It's subjective, it depends on the individual. But generally, Law is pretty demanding. Theres alot of reading involved. Why do you have to go to Canberra to do IR/Law? You can do Arts/Law in Sydney. B.IR at ANU is pretty much a glorified Arts degree, it's just an Arts...
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    Yeah, it's an excellent course. I have many friends who are in it, crazily smart kids. Most do 2nd year maths or physics even though they're 1st years. A few have been to MIT for vacation projects. You can combine both degrees with Science, so you'll have PhB/Science or R&D/Science. Each student...
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    I get 6 month borrowing, that's pretty sweet. And Advanced Science sounds cooler than Science. If you're interested in the research aspect, ANU have a super awesome degree, the PhB for extremely talented science students. They have to maintain a 80% average (Adv. sci have to maintain 75%...
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    I'm doing Adv. Sci at ANU. If you do a combined degree, you're knowledge will be slightly more narrow because you'll only have 1 science major as opposed to a double major in an area or 2 majors. So if you do 4 courses a semester, you'll only be doing 2 science courses. But the double degree...
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    You can definitely work whilst doing a PhD, I work in a lab as a student with alot of Post docs and PhD students even though I'm an undergrad and they get paid a decent wage. Alot of them do demonstrating or tutoring at uni or work regular jobs. Although, if you really want to get to Oxford, you...
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    Honestly, you're not going to enjoy university that much if you don't play on doing extra curriculum stuff. It's not always about amazing marks, you won't be very employable/won't have many friends. And although it's nice too aim for Oxbridge/Ivy League unis, you'll need the money as well. Don't...
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    You'd need at least a GPA of 6.5/7 or a 3.8/4 I think, H1 honours and you'd probably need alot of extra circular activities, like representing the university in sports. One of my brothers friends got into Harvard for the J.D and he was in the rowing team for uni as well as the swim team and...
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    What factors led you to study at past/current university?

    Female to male ratio. Bachelor of Science (Advanced) at ANU.
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    College or Lodge

    Current ANU student here, not a ressie though. Don't go to UniLodge, they aren't social. Ever. Bruce and Burgman are good, they're good with floor parties and parties with other colleges. I'd stay away from Johns though.
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    Transfer to Phb from science (adv)

    You want at least a HD average if you want a successful transfer. PhB is very competitive. Good luck.
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    Calling all high achievers.

    Didn't study till exams. Crammed like crazy for like half an hour before an exam. ATAR of 92.5 Gotta love the ACT system.
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    Taking more than 24 units per semester?

    If you're taking the PhB I hear you can skip first year classes in certain areas but why though? You'll earn easy marks if you do well in first year which opens up heaps of opportunities and scholarships. You could probably take 5 or 6 subjects if your timetable would allow it, probably contact...
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    Post Your 2012 University Offers Here!

    Bachelor of Science (Advanced)(Honours). Cut off was 95.00. Thank god for bonus points.
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    Post Your 2012 University Offers Here!

    I got an early January offer into Bachelor of Science at ANU so I don't really mind what the main round has in store for me. Surprise me UAC. SURPRISE ME!