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  1. P_Dilemma

    What exactly is the Queerspace?

    Yeah, if you're ever in a rush, go there, say hi, grab a few condoms. Safe sex is for everyone! p__D
  2. P_Dilemma

    What do u hate about MAQ

    Ya, i guess the wi-fi has something left to be desired (and they blocked demonoid, argh). I would've added smokers to the list, but frankly i haven't noticed many of them in the past few days... -P_D
  3. P_Dilemma

    Now tell me this isn't evil.

    That's what he said.
  4. P_Dilemma

    Who's been mugged before??

    Someone tried to mug me before, but i used magic sleight-of-hand to convince the guy that my pockets were empty. And when he didn't believe me, i went kung-fu on his ass. p__D
  5. P_Dilemma

    Now tell me this isn't evil.

    And the alternative is that the girl will die after giving birth to twins... what crimes has the girl committed? (Not really wanting to pick a fight, just want to see where this goes...) p__D
  6. P_Dilemma

    all he wanted was a BJ from mrs diaz

    Funny if the kid becomes miraculously cured after the blowjob. "Cameron Diaz BJ's Save Lives!" p__D
  7. P_Dilemma

    On-campus wireless internet

    which torrent client are you using? I'm using utorrent and it cant seem to connect...
  8. P_Dilemma

    Not Being Able To Feel Butterflies.

    If you're not happy where you are, then you're either with the wrong guy, or not with enough guys. In both cases i reckon you should go out and meet some more men. You're probably looking for some guy who will be spontaneous and sweep you off your feet, someone who's not a pussy... good luck...
  9. P_Dilemma

    New logo, branding, etc

    Re: New-look website Well, maybe the logo's designer... they'd have to like it... or else it would be like an unwanted child... p__D
  10. P_Dilemma

    "best" usb??

    USB's keep getting bigger and cheaper, i can never decide when to just wait or just go out there and buy a nice 32+ GB one... because once i do they'll prob release a 1TB soon after T.T p__D
  11. P_Dilemma

    Enrolling Units in 2009

    We start to re-enroll into units in 2009 on Jan 12, right? p__D
  12. P_Dilemma

    Free ebooks and online texts

    Is there an ebook version of the sequal to this (The Religion War)?
  13. P_Dilemma


    Meh, it's just a head...
  14. P_Dilemma

    Procrastination#1: Scariest thing that has ever happened to you?

    I had a dream where i was being driven by someone (don't remember who it was) and they said they wanted to kill me. I jumped out of the car, went to the nearest convenience store, and bought myself a lighter and a can of deodorant. p__D
  15. P_Dilemma

    Britain Shaped the World says Tony Abbot

    The asshole's got a fucking warped idea about what kids should be taught.
  16. P_Dilemma

    Q's for the Guys

    1/ No idea. It's an evolutionary thing, probably. Actually, how do you girls get anything done when you have those bouncy things to play around with? 2/ I would respect her even more. 3/ Blood?? 4/ Every position on the periodic table of sex positions. Then the Kama Sutra. And then my...
  17. P_Dilemma

    Man Gets Nut Stuck Around Penis: Report

    Must've been a huge nut or a thin penis
  18. P_Dilemma

    Soulja boy is gay?

    So... soulja boy never supermanned that ho?
  19. P_Dilemma

    Anyone Else Finding A Lot Of People Breaking Up Recently?

    Breakups are inevitable. People aren't made for long-term relationships. p__D
  20. P_Dilemma

    Cut the jokes, or get flushed - SMH Article

    Ahh, that is a good point. Can't believe i forgot about them. So are you also "alluding" that we reject them and kick'em out? What an awful, evil, apathetic suggestion! Two wrongs don't make a right! :argue: And they're so loaded anyway they're not likely to notice. Apathy wins again...