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    Formal dresses Sydney please help I’m desperate

    Alright so I’ve started looking for formal dresses and I’ve been to 3 places and they had nothing I liked and was mad expensive, so now I’m stuck. I’ve never had to buy a proper dress for anything before and I’ve got no clue where to go to buy a dress for formal. So if you could drop your...
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    Should I be writing creative's throughout the year?

    I have done one, but my teacher says to have a few discovery creatives, so should I be writing a few as the year goes on?
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    History Extension question and topic selection

    Okay so firstly, I'm stressed. Secondly, I have a slight outline about what area of history/historiography I want to look at but I'm really struggling to find information just generally. I want to look at areas like the Black Plague, the idea of Camelot, mainly early English history...