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    Trial marks vs. Actual HSC Marks

    hey! For those of you that have done the HSC, please list: 1. Trial Marks for each subject: 2. Actual HSC Mark you received in the end: Although Trial marks would be raw and HSC marks are scaled, it would be interesting to see how closely they are correlated :))
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    bad internal ranks, good hsc results?

    Does anyone have any success stories or know of people that had bad ranks at school but lifted their ATAR by performing well in the HSC externals? I go to a rank 300s school and my ranks are all in the top 10 but I've heard you need to be like top 3 in a low ranked school to even have a chance...
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    ucat performance

    At this stage (just over a month till UCAT), how high should I be scoring to ensure a UCAT percentile over 95 in the real one? I've also heard medentry questions are much harder than the actual UCAT, is this true?
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    Just out of curiosity, anecdotally, what is the lowest ATAR for local entry into med that you know of? I'm assuming a lower ATAR would correspond with a high UCAT result?
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    If my predicted ATAR is currently sitting at 90 according to the ATAR calculator, is it unreasonable to want a 99 ATAR? Do you know of any success stories where people didn't do too well in internals, but end up achieving a high ATAR?