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    ATAR estimate

    Hey guys, Can someone give me an ATAR estimate? trial ranks: english standard 22/91 2u maths 91/197 music 1 3/15 senior science 42/81 chemistry 77/109 school rank: 68 in 2017
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    English standard advice

    Hey guys, My marks so far, including the half yearlies are average around 64 per cent and my ranking is so far 18/96. Is like a low b6 still possible at this point?
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    band 6 still possible?

    Hi guys, So recently after the half-yearlies, my ranking is now 18 out of like 96. I've been told that a band 6 may be still possible. Need some help from you guys btw there are two more essay tasks before the trials
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    standard to advanced, still possible?

    Hello everyone, I am a standard student and I really want to be given a chance to do advanced. My rank is 28 out of ninety something, based on the essay task before the half-yearlies (haven't got my mark yet for that). Maybe some you guys have seen this happen before idk but do I still have...
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    2U book comparison

    Hey everyone, Out of the three books Excel (Lyn Baker), Cambridge and Fitzpatrick, which one do you find most effective?
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    Excel study guide

    Hi all, What are your thoughts about using the excel study guide for 2u maths for HSC? Is it useful to study from?