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  1. Capo

    [Advice needed]Free electives suggestions?

    In my Information Systems degree, I'm required to do 24 UOC's worth of free electives from any department . Does anyone know any relatively easy essay-based electives people generally pick?
  2. Capo

    IT/InfoSystems graduates: Where are you now?

    Really? What was your final WAM and how much work experience have you had prior to getting the job, if you dont mind me asking
  3. Capo

    IT/InfoSystems graduates: Where are you now?

    IT/IS graduates, what are you doing now and how long did it take you to find your first IT role? I've heard from a number of my friends that graduated with a UNSW Information Systems degree that they're really struggling to find a job in the IT industry and are forced to work in...
  4. Capo

    UNSW Business Infomation Systems Co-op Interview Tips

    They altered the difficulty of the course this year apparently, to stop people who can't java for shit from entering java 2. Assignment B and finals this sem was fucking ridiculous (Literally every person I know that didn't outsource their work got about 55% for assignment B)
  5. Capo

    UNSW Business Infomation Systems Co-op Interview Tips

    @OP, they're likely to ask you why you want to choose Information Systems and why you're passionate about Infosys, as well as why you should get in. You should tell them why you love technology, etc. First year BIS courses are pretty boring to an extent (unless youre really really passionate...
  6. Capo

    Transfer into UTS law

    What kind of WAM would i need to be competitive for a transfer from UNSW Information Systems to UTS Law? My ATAR was 85, so should i apply directly through the transfer program or through uac? Any help would be appreciated!
  7. Capo

    WAM needed to be competitive for jobs?

    Hi, Does any ex-students know what the average UNSW graduates (specifically in the IT industry) need to have as a WAM to be competitive for most jobs? Is it true that a credit WAM is considered shit?
  8. Capo

    INFS1609 subject review

    Whys that? Is it because you need too much of a software knowledge background to do well with it without spending a shit tonne of time
  9. Capo

    MATH1041 vs ACCT1511?

    1st year info sys student here too! If you were looking for WAM boosters i'd go for ECON1101 over ACCT1511. You only need to choose one over the other and unless youre really good at accounting, you'd need to put in alot of work into it (past students told me it was really dry and reasonably...
  10. Capo

    INFS1609 subject review

    Can anyone who's done INFS1609 give some opinions on the subject in general? Any lecturers/tutors to watch out for? Is it particularly hard/easy? Is the workload heavy?
  11. Capo

    MGMT1001 vs. ECON1203

    Which of the two infamous WAM destroyers is harder (if im an english oriented person)? I should probably mention that I'm trying to transfer into another course but I have to do one of these this sem, does that mean my WAM is dead
  12. Capo

    What are some easy Gen Eds for an Information Systems student?

    Apparently astronomy is heaps easy but I heard its not a subject anymore?
  13. Capo

    The Football Thread

    Re: Official Soccer thread. @op relevant username lmfao. UP THE REDS #YoullNeverWalkAlone
  14. Capo

    Long breaks between lectures

    Most people have classes right after one another so it's actually ridiculously hard to find people who're in the same situation as me lmfao and i dont wanna be THAT kid that sits in the corner of a library playing games for 5 hours 2 days a week. #regretz
  15. Capo

    Long breaks between lectures

    I eat slow but tbh i dont need 5 hrs for a footlong sub bahaha. Are there anything worth doing near the campus?
  16. Capo

    Long breaks between lectures

    Does anyone else have any long (3-5 hr) breaks between lectures? What do you guys do with all the free time (apart from studying)? Had to make a last minute change to my timetable and now it's completely fucked with 5 hour breaks between lectures :(
  17. Capo

    what does UnAustralian mean exactly?

    I'm sure they're not specifically targetting China. They're just targetting the troll that's using his Chinese culture to stir shit.
  18. Capo

    [TENNIS] The 2014 ATP/WTA Australian Open Thread

    I think cute is abit of an understatement (° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  19. Capo

    Should I try to make friends in uni?

    Not sure if OP is trolling or not, but instead of turning a blind eye against some good suggestions you don't like hearing and coming off as narcissistic, you should heed their advice. Like someone said earlier, if you want to be more sociable in university, start by changing that attitude of...
  20. Capo

    commerce textbooks

    How about MGMT1001?