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    Formal dresses Sydney please help I’m desperate

    Alright so I’ve started looking for formal dresses and I’ve been to 3 places and they had nothing I liked and was mad expensive, so now I’m stuck. I’ve never had to buy a proper dress for anything before and I’ve got no clue where to go to buy a dress for formal. So if you could drop your...
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    Should I be writing creative's throughout the year?

    I have done one, but my teacher says to have a few discovery creatives, so should I be writing a few as the year goes on?
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    History Extension question and topic selection

    When you say historians from the outbreak, do you like trying to find a historian from the time of the plague. How do you make it more historiography like? My teacher kinda rambles about everything and has never actually said like what historiography entails specifically.
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    History Extension question and topic selection

    I was thinking about how the black death has influenced modern medicine or something about the spread of the disease in comparison to other outbreaks over the years. IDK just something along the lines of that you know...
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    History Extension question and topic selection

    hey there could you help me to formulate a question that involves the Plague/Black death? I have found a lot of books regarding this topic compared to some of the others. Honestly forming the question is the hardest part for me because i can't think of the way to write it, but once i have that...
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    History Extension question and topic selection

    Okay so firstly, I'm stressed. Secondly, I have a slight outline about what area of history/historiography I want to look at but I'm really struggling to find information just generally. I want to look at areas like the Black Plague, the idea of Camelot, mainly early English history...