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    UNSW vs UWS Law

    Who says that a person who works hard in UWS law wont become a great lawyer? If you work hard in any uni then you're going to become a great lawyer. A person who goes to UNSW or USyd and slacks off won't get anything lol. Really, there are some idiots who go into law thinking that, just coz...
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    UNSW vs UWS Law

    In all unis - whether it be Sydney Uni or UNSW or UWS, there is always an average of a 5% unemployment rate for lawyers. Good lawyers have good marks - if they dont, of course they wont get employed. There are so many people who have graduated from UWS law school and have gone on to do great...
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    Teaching scholarship questions

    yes it began with a 9836. just keep trying to call. btw, knockii, which uni are you going to? im not sure yet... gah.
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    Teaching scholarship questions

    I got my call! YAYYYY!
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    Teaching scholarship questions

    aghaagha. did you ask how they were going to contact? phone or email or letter?
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    Teaching scholarship questions

    I honestly have no idea. Im just waiting and waiting.... I have my phone on me at all times and I keep checking the mailbox and email each day. I feel I did quite well in the interview so admittedly, my hopes are up. I hope they don't come crashing down.
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    hello bineal! bahaha its jess.

    hello bineal! bahaha its jess.
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    Teaching scholarship questions

    my interviewers said they would TRY to get them out from the 14th. I think they're swamped though.
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    Advantages/Disadvantages of doing B Education.

    That's why I'm going to do a Bachelor of Adv. Science (in case i become interested in any avenues within science as i absolutely love it) and then do a DipEd. I hate it when people put down teaching. People say the pay is crap, but in reality, the starting salary of a teacher is usually higher...
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    holidays: study vs. play?

    I always think balance is good. Comprise a to-do list and give yourself a time limit to do it in, for example, 3 days to brush up on Biology. That way you don't procrastinate. Then give yourself a reward if you do it, like going out or seeing a movie. This really works if you stick to it, if you...
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    A simple question

    ROFL. All i can say is - why the fuck else are people kicking themselves to get good in school assessments? It's 50/50. You can't bludge all year being in the bottom ranks then getting good marks in the HSC; that's very unlikely btw, I mean, how can you bludge all year then get 90+ in your exam...
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    med advice

    Only if you have a UMAT score of over 290 :P Good luck with that.
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    My UAI Stuffed?

    How much higher did SAM say than your actual UAI?
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    btw, can you also tell me the timetable? do you have to be at uni long hours, monday to friday...

    btw, can you also tell me the timetable? do you have to be at uni long hours, monday to friday? i'm just a little curious. i'd really like to know more about the course. thanks!
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    hey, what school did you go to? I'm hoping to get into MBBS at UWS as well.

    hey, what school did you go to? I'm hoping to get into MBBS at UWS as well.
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    Topics for '09

    I was thinking of doing Martin Luther King Jr. for a little while, but I'm finding it difficult to create a focus question. Does anybody have any suggestions? I'm also thinking about doing Mary Queen of Scots...
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    Anyone here doing "Heat and Dust" for Belonging?

    yeh, im doing heat and dust too. it's really hard to find resources on it. it has a very complex storyline.
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    Organising Work (merged)

    Re: best way to organise books? haha! that's what i've been doing for the prelims :P but i think the best way to to have a folder for each subject and put all of your junk in it. A4 display folders. that way you can take them in your bag when you need them to school, and it's all there in one...
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    Competition - low or high?

    hey do u have any notes fo chemistry?? especially a chemical earth. in desperate need of them :(