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    Knee-high boots

    I have black suede ones that I wear with tights (coloured or boring black) and a long jacket or dress. I bought them in Summer so also paired them with Denim shorts, but I had to wear Rescue Tape (Lincrafts version of Hollywood Tape) to keep them from falling down. I think as long as they're...
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    Custom Plates?

    Is it only NSW that makes you pay annually? I bought some customs 2 years ago, and have only just put them on my car, but there was never any mention of annual fees! Customs I've seen recently: ICECBE JEDI 01 000 00
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    What Would You Get For Under 20K?

    Mazda2 or Ford Fiesta!
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    Has anyone transferred from Business(Accounting) Caulfield to Accounting in Clayton?

    Re: Has anyone transferred from Business(Accounting) Caulfield to Accounting in Clayt It all really depends on your scores etc, but I think an internal transfer would be a lot easier than going through the hassle of changing university entirely! They can check your grades (don't have to pay for...
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    The best and the worst mascaras

    I bought the new Rimmel 1-2-3 mascara on impulse and WOW my lashes actually look fake! It gets a bit clumpy but i just blink on a tissue and all the gunky bits go on that. As for everyday natural-looking lashes I like Covergirl LashExact and waterproof Maybelline Define-A-Lash. They don't...
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    Most ANNOYING things when Driving

    I am HATING people that tailgate me when I'm right on the speed limit..fuck off douchebags.
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    Rules for Customers

    Don't flatter me with your lame compliments when I tell you that only the manager can do what dodgy deal you're trying to get. No, I don't 'look like a manager'. No, I don't 'look like I can probably do it anyway *wink*'. No, I can't 'just do it for you'. No I DON'T WANT TO BE A...
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    Admission for mid year entry?

    If you're not smart enough then get your act together and work hard enough to get a higher GPA. When I transferred they wanted both my year 12 score and uni transcript.
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    what colour nail polish are you wearing?

    "Watermelon" It's by this brand Ulta3, $2 but doesn't contain bad stuffs. In lecture theatre light it's fluro orange, but in daylight it's kinda pinky. Cool!
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    ITT: FML I hate uni.

    Fucking hate it when my PASSWORD NO LONGER WORKS. What the fucking fuck, IT is not there til Monday so I have a weekend free of homework. This would normally sound amazing but I have so many assignments coming up :(
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    Uni assignments

    Harvard author-date style, Citing and referencing tutorial, Monash University Library Your uni should have its own referencing help thingy too
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    ITT: FML I hate uni.

    Today I had a computer lab and the guy next to me kept breathing really forcefully through his nostrils. Not only was the noise annoying, but I kept feeling his breath on my hand. Gross, gross, gross!
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    Rules for Customers

    THIS. And what's with people counting their poo change into nice piles on the bench, then pushing them all over towards me, or grabbing it all up to give me a massive handful? I have to count it too, ya knob.
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    3 point turn question

    Make sure you do a really obvious headcheck to the left as you pull over too. Even though there'll probably not be another car in sight...
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    Overloading of subjects.

    I'm doing 5 subjects this semester, and although the thought of 4 assignments due on the same day kills me a little inside..I'm going to enjoy the benefits of it when it's over! Have you researched summer subjects too? I was able to complete a unit after spending 4 intense weeks of uni in...
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    Hmm, ever thought you've chosen the wrong course?

    I recommend at least finishing a year of your course. I swapped after one year, and although I still kind of wonder what it would be like if I was back with my old uni friends..I've decided that transferring was the best decision I've ever made. Yes, you worked bloody hard to get into your...
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    Is there something wrong with my car??

    I think I rev'd the car by pushing my foot on the accelarator with the handbrake still on? No idea what gear it was in but it should have been reverse..I meant to have my foot on the brake pedal :mad1:
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    The Ship has sailed, my friends!

    Bullies? At uni? Are you kidding!? I'm yet to meet anyone that wasn't happy to chat to a complete stranger
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    what colour nail polish are you wearing?

    What's with all the hating on clear nailpolish? If you're seriously concerned about the polish someone else is putting on their nails then you yourself need help. I used to wear it to school and work because my nails chip and peel if I don't have something on them. Today I'm wearing a really...
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    chicks cars that you were ashamed to drive but didn't care by the end of your trip

    Re: chicks cars that you were ashamed to drive but didn't care by the end of your tri Loud cars sound like shit imo. I don't car what they look like. Apparently the Nissan Micra is an amazing drive, I'm yet to start test driving for my girlie car