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  1. Skuxxgolfer

    Are atar calculators reliable?

    Just wondering, whether the atar calculators are somewhat accurate (ik there are a lot of other factors to consider). If so which ones? I notice the Talent 100 calculator says to put your hsc mark in, is this raw hsc mark or your final hsc mark. Similarly, the matrix calculator also says to put...
  2. Skuxxgolfer

    Can they assess us on time payments in extension 1?

    The extension 1 exam generally tends to include one question which involves a harder application of 2 unit knowledge, (ie 2018's last question), so i was wondering whether they could ask us a question on time payments or any other financial topic for that matter.
  3. Skuxxgolfer

    Help on Past Paper questions

    I have been doing past papers from the coroneos extension 2 book and I have trouble understanding some of the solutions they provide, as it isnt set out nicely. So if someone could just briefly outline the solution to these questions, that would be really helpful. 2001: 7bi 8biii and iv 2002: 8aii