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  1. swordfish

    Latham or Howard?

    I think howard is a much better choice for PM, because Latham seems to contradict himself so often...his policies are so unclear, I think Howard is better able to lead the country. When Latham was mayor of liverpool, he got them into crippling debt which they are still recovering from. This...
  2. swordfish

    Note Taking.

    I found it good to summarize my notes down and down until i could make little palm cards. I would write a question on the front and the answer on the back. No one ever wants to help out a poor stressed HSC student and quiz you though! I think the most important thing you can do is understand...
  3. swordfish

    teacher problem

    oops hang on its www.hsc.csu.edu.au sorry!!!!!!!
  4. swordfish

    teacher problem

    charles sturt website is www.csu.edu.au
  5. swordfish

    teacher problem

    I had some dodgy teachers as well, especially my senior science teacher. I was so scared i was going to do badly in my exams and that would be the end of my UAI hopes, cause it scales so badly. My teacher did not give us notes ALL YEAR, no exaggeration, and we did not do any of the practical...
  6. swordfish


    hehe. still im not taking chances. what did u get?
  7. swordfish

    what is everyone planning to do next year...include your uai as well

    business and commerce seems to be the thing to do this year...wonder if uais will jump?
  8. swordfish


    i was all 93 too. I think it was the multiple choice that i stuffed up.
  9. swordfish


    but if u get it rechecked doesn't that mean that they COULD find that you have been given marks that you don't deserve, and you end up worse off? If i was sure that this would not happen, i would go the recheck cause i was disappointed.
  10. swordfish

    Rank in a subject

    thankyou :D
  11. swordfish


    same as holl....all 90
  12. swordfish

    Rank in a subject

    How do i find out where i came in a subject? like.....10th in the state in PE or whateva
  13. swordfish

    2003 results

    98 for both go me...lol
  14. swordfish

    what is everyone planning to do next year...include your uai as well

    physio at newcastle....so excited that i made it
  15. swordfish

    2003 UAIs

    I am sooooooo happy! 97.1 beating expectations by about 20 points i was so happy i cried I get four marks (rural bonus scheme) added to that at Newcastle so PHYSIO HERE I COME sooooo happy.....i want to cry all over again i had to check three times to see if it was real ahhhh true ecstasy
  16. swordfish

    Devastated with marks? Post here !

    Well if the 19th comes and you get ur results and just want to cry, post it here.
  17. swordfish

    Happy with ur marks? post it here!

    I know results aren't out til 18th and 19th, but i'll be away so i'll take the opportunity to start a thread now, hehehe. :D If you go better than you thought, post it here! I'm not going to check until the 19th. I don't think that it helps to look at the HSC marks on the 18th. Its the uai...
  18. swordfish

    "You and Your UAI" booklet

    me too. it pretty much tells me of my imminent FAILURE :(
  19. swordfish

    prep early entry

    hey countrydude your avatar has been... shall we say... 'altered' but it still looks kinda dirty........
  20. swordfish

    so waddya think u got?

    evryone on bored of studyies is so schmrart......luckey im pritty schmart to