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    USYD gym

    http://susf.com.au/files/SydneyUni_2011.pdf ^has all the prices for casual/3/6/12 months etc also, the usu is not associated with sydney uni sports. there's two gyms serving different clients: aquatic centre (darlington): lots of cardio machines and weight machines. very limited free...
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    Mechatronics @ USYD

    i can't specifically comment on uts or unsw but usyd mechatronics is great. to sum up the course structure; you're pretty much doing a mechanical degree EXCEPT you don't do the harder mechanical stuff in 3rd/4th year, instead you get to do some electrical engineering and some specialised...
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    i did acct1001 2 years ago. i initially had no interest in commerce or accounting but as the semester progressed i found it really interesting. it's a very easy course once you get over debits and credits.
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    you'll have to go to one or the other. your best bet would be to go to the tute and try get some notes off someone from that lecture.
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    Advanced engineering

    not true. if you want to work for mac bank over the summer break you have to apply like any other student.
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    Advanced engineering

    pros: -you meet other engo people from different disciplines -you get to do stuff that gives you a different perspective on engineering -you end up with an "Advanced Engineering" degree after doing 3 extra subjects cons: -you have to overload -have to maintain a distinction average...
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    Semester 2 Chatter Thread (2008)

    Re: Semester 2 Chatter Thread 2067 is half 2061/half 2065 for combined degree students
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    Failing a compulsory unit

    i am 99.99% sure you can do the subject whenever you want, just as long as you do it again and pass in order to meet the requirements of your degree. however, you'd probably be better off asking someone from your faculty administration just to make sure.
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    Protein Powder

    alternatively, increase your calorie intake. I've tried Musashi P30 and Mass Monster, flavour wise they're so-so. Mixes quite well with milk or water. Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey (what i'm currently using) tastes great and mixes very well but it contains a very small amound of carbs. I'd say...
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    Security access on your 2008 card?

    you could probably get it for the carslaw access lab if you plan to pull some all-nighters in a computer lab...
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    Dean's List in SMH?

    it's in today's SMH. so what happens if you get on the list?
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    BoS USyd Roll Call 2008

    adgala Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics)/Bachelor of Commerce II
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    O-Week: Worth it?

    wow, you'll be like 18/19 when you graduate. awesome.
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    help with mechanical/mechatronic/aeronautical (space) engineering

    Regardless of which stream you do, you'll do the same space subjects. The difference between mechatronic/mechanical/aeronuatical space engineering is the same as the difference between mechatronic/mechanical/aeronuatical engineering sans space.
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    UAI's are out EARLY!!!

    you'll get a letter from uac in january giving your official uai and units they used.
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    Did anyone else think that exam was hard?

    thanks Gigabyte89, for 25 b iv, i'd also put a NOT gate after the OR gate. this easily satisfies the requirements. however, for a more complete solution, i would've gotten a'b' + ac' + bc' = x (from K-Maps)
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    Did anyone else think that exam was hard?

    could someone scan up the paper or just the logic gate problem people are talking about in this thread?
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    Engineering and Math Ext

    If you do normal/advanced, you'll pretty much be doing extension 2 mathematics in both semesters (1001/1003). i think it's do-able as long as you study hard during the semester and not fall behind. there's also some extra math help for people who didn't do the bridging course through the...
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    CA Achievers program

    the uni stated in his profile is deakin, so he's most likely from victoria
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    Flexible first yr?

    i've also sorta wanted to do space mechatronics, from what the ffy advisor has told me, you need a distinction average to get in so it's not too hard. you do the same maths as other people (ie science/eng/med sci etc) which is either life sciences/normal/advanced versions of differential...