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  1. original123

    SIGNIFICANT TIPS To Remember Before & During Your General Math Exam Next Week!!

    I did find it necessary to include the words 'next week' =P. This thread covers ESSENTIAL tips and pointers to remember before and during the exam; both basics and perhaps some you wouldn't have heard before. $$ PRACTISE! How did we all know this would be the first point? But practise...
  2. original123

    Guide To Creative Writing

    "Paul dabbed the sweat beads forming across his forehead and tugged on his gloves. He looked up at the large safe looming over him..." Random, but if it pulled you in to keep reading it means it's a good start of a creative writing piece. It doesn't mean you won't be asked to write other...
  3. original123


    Who lost or gained how much? WHERE did you lose/gain it? I used to be a TOOTHPICK despite the mountains of food I eat. According to my 4 year old sister, my legs are getting fat. According to my mother, I haven't put on any weight at all. Stupid HSC...Formal soon and I won't be able to fit...
  4. original123

    Urgent First Timer...Advanced English =)

    Hey =) With Module C:Telling The Truth, how many episodes of Frontline do we need to use in our essays? I know we have to use two of our related texts but I'm not sure about Frontline itself. Also with Module B:Critical Study of Texts, our class is doing King Lear and I'm not too sure about the...