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  1. .ben

    Forgot to write SID on exam paper

    I asked a friend who did the same thing last year and they still marked his paper. I'm wondering whether or not I should call up the course co-ordinator tomorrow to see if he'll be lenient, or should I just hope the person who marks it on the computer will mark it by hand. Because if the course...
  2. .ben

    Forgot to write SID on exam paper

    So I emailed the course co-ordinator and no reply yet. Last year some had the same thing happen and it still got marked.
  3. .ben

    Forgot to write SID on exam paper

    Hey guys, I had an exam today where you had to fill in your details for a multiple choice computer sheet. I filled in everything and wrote all my details except I didn't colour in the circles for my student number (I filled wrote the numbers in the boxes above). I only realised after they said...
  4. .ben

    Saftey Glasses

    You buy em at the medical bookshop. i think it's cheaper there 20bux for a labcoat.
  5. .ben

    paralegal/legal sec work

    Can I get a paralegal job with no experience in the field?
  6. .ben

    HECS Question

    Hey guys Let's say I'm a CSP student (eligible for HECS) at the moment, but last year I decided to pay my fees upfront. But starting this year, now I want to utilise the HECS scheme and put the fees due on loan. Do I have to visit the student centre in person or can I change it online? Thanks
  7. .ben

    Law movies

    A lot of John Grisham books have been made into movies, stuff like 'The Rainmaker' and 'The Firm' etc etc.
  8. .ben

    Australia Post

    Hi, has anyone here worked for Australia post before? If so could you give me some info about their interview and testing process? thanks
  9. .ben

    Official Summer Siesta 2007/8 Thread

    Hey guys, when are the semester 1 timetables released?
  10. .ben

    Cricket Season 2007/2008

    Sore losers, cop on the chin.
  11. .ben

    Pre-enrolment question

    Hey guys, For pre-enrolment do we have to do it online or by paper or both>? thanks
  12. .ben

    The Shittest Movie Ever.

    Fantastic Four 2
  13. .ben

    What's the last game you played?

    Silkroad Online
  14. .ben

    referncing in essays

    different as in different types as in book, website, journal, newspaper, etc?
  15. .ben

    referncing in essays

    It's too late to do that, the things due on monday.loL
  16. .ben

    referncing in essays

    How many referecnes on average would you need for an essay 1200-1500 words in lenght?
  17. .ben

    What games are you playing now during the holidays?

    i'm playing stickcricket in the holidays.