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  1. original123

    What you hate about UNSW

    Just wondering, when do we get our exam/session results? I've looked on myUNSW but it doesn't seem to say anything about release dates.
  2. original123

    Dark vs Milk vs White Chocolate

    Nothing melts in my mouth like dark chocolate. YUM family blocks of dark cooking chocolate (drools like Homer) If I had a choice on my deathbed between a great feast of dark chocolate and seeing my family one last time, there wouldn't even be a question about it!
  3. original123

    exam room

    Oh my gosh me too! We started guessing what the other things might have been called if there were signs for them...but the views are pretty awesome!
  4. original123

    What don't u like about the opposite sex !

    Hehe yeh the truth is I can't dress properly, my hair is terrible and I look ugly as hell.
  5. original123

    How do you get over him/her quicker?

    That works too actually.
  6. original123

    How do you get over him/her quicker?

    This just recently happened so several of my friends. We've found that the best way to get over someone is to try and not bother thinking about how to get over them; it'll just make it worse. Just go about your normal daily life and it will happen naturally. Seems like a pretty useless idea but...
  7. original123

    love, love

    1.How old are you? 17 2. What gender are you? Female 3. What country are you from? Australia 4.Are you currently in a relationship? If so, how long have you been in this relationship? No 5. How many relationships have you previously been involved in? -that lasted less...
  8. original123

    Hair Routine

    People like you are the reasons why I ask myself where all the masculine males have gone.
  9. original123

    general UNSW chit-chat

    Yep. It's done especially for engineering students I think, but anyone can go.
  10. original123

    Hair Routine

    Hehe he probably NEVER washed it though. My hair smells really good. (edit: I never said that)
  11. original123

    How can i ask him out?

    I would explain to you how you can use your eye powers but only wogs can do it for some reason. So stick with the small talk idea :) and good luck!
  12. original123

    Hair Routine

    Same. Or just wake up and go.
  13. original123

    Foods that make you go 'eww'...

    AVOCADO. Oh goodness gracious WHY!
  14. original123

    Funniest thing to happen in class

    Our classrooms are parted practically by curtain. We had a role play to do for an English assignment, me and two friends. So we got changed in the bathroom, and went to do our little skit. Then our teacher wouldn't let us go back to the bathroom to change, she told us to change in the classroom...
  15. original123

    Which famous person(s) have you seen/met?

    Casey Donaven (is that how you spell it?) at the easter show...she had like 40 people surrounding her. NO ONE WANTS TO RAPE YOU CASEY DON'T WORRY. Also saw Hilary Duff before she turned into a slut at one of her first concerts. Took pictures with Demi Hines. Meh, can't really think of...
  16. original123

    For the ladies: how old a guy would you do?

    Aw JFK, you forgot about the photoshop part!
  17. original123

    How do you have your coffee?

    Don't do coffee (EVER), but I have my hot chocolate with like 3-4 teaspoons of sugar, and about 1/3 milk with the rest boiling water and 1.5 teaspoons of drinking chocolate. YUM. (Sachets work too!) ....And iced chocolate from GJ is THE best.
  18. original123

    What have you eaten today?

    Oh no! How did I forget? I prefer Hungry Jacks grilled chicken burgers. Though I do love the bacon and egg Mcmuffin I must say.
  19. original123

    What have you eaten today?

    (In order from 6am until 11pm) - Apple - Hot chocolate - Fruit bar - Cheese stick - Sandwich (of veggie/potato bake. Is actually extremely YUM) - Orange mango juice popper - Chocolate Croissant - Pink lady apple - Lemon chicken and pasta salad - Strawberry milk - Rice and chicken - Corn -...