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    I'm thinking of using a related from Deviantart?

    I can draw meaning from my poop. :P But to be serious, yes, I've used an unpublished poem in Mod C without any problems, so I think it's fine.
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    First Three Words of your MW (Just 'Cause)

    "In the beginning..." No place better to begin than the beginning ;P
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    Do You Support the Death Penalty?

    I don't support capital punishment because mistakes can and have happen in regards to the culpability of the person. Look at all the controversy around Ronald Ryan.
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    who takes supplements?

    I thought that I would take whey protein powder, but it gives me a stomach ache.
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    what game are you best at, undefeatable?

    Hmm. The first character that I mastered in the 64 version was Pikachu. After getting melee my character preferences shifted to Peach (I love her golf club/frying pan/tennis racket :D ) and Mr. Game & Watch. I also found it intensly amusing to own everyone with Jigglypuff.
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    What was your parents & family reaction to your UAI?

    You really can't justify, though, how much money some asians pour into tutoring and coaching services. It is, in most cases, highly unnecessary. The exact same results can be duplicated with no cost, merely an act of dedication on the child's part. There are some overzealous asians out there...
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    what game are you best at, undefeatable?

    It used to be Super Smash Bros. but I grew out of it
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    Your top 25 videogames of all time

    I can't rank these, I love them all equally. Super Mario All Stars (SNES) DK Country (SNES) Worms Armaggedon (N64) Starcraft (N64) Dr. Mario (GB) Lylat Wars (N64) DK 64 (N64) Age of Empires 2 (PC) Mario Kart 64 (N64) Super Mario 64 (N64) Bubble Bobble (N64) Harvest Moon (N64) Super Smash Bros...
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    losing weight?

    Re: Are YOU trying to lose weight? As the lazy academic type, I am about 162-ish cm and 55 kg. Changing my diet to healthy nutritious foods was the incredibly easy part, I never crave junk foods. I do about 5 minutes of weights and crunches each day and fast walking. Now recently I've tried to...
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    How to get into sports?

    I haven't played in organised sports since I was very young. Now I'm inclined to joining a "team sport" like basketball, soccer, hockey, etc. but I'm unsure on how to go about this (I want to call around but I don't know what to say, I feel embarassed because I don't know any friends who would...
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    Weak research base

    I have to finish my draft short story during these Christmas holidays. My story has been making do with its sole roots in a single text as it's major source of inspiration -- supplemented by vague Lyotardean/Foucault/etc theory. There are no DIRECT references to other texts via parody...
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    An idea to end the water problem

    You are so dead set on nuclear power aren't you? Don't dismiss history, five-mile island, chernobyl, etc. Nuclear power plants are just too dangerous, accidents will happen, do not think we have transcended this. Especially since the nuclear plants would be operated by private companies. How can...
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    Was English a waste of time?

    I agree. Additionally, one pet peeve of mine about English is that we have to write "objectively" in our critical essays. But how can your personal interpretation of the text be anything but subjective? Who are you to define how others view the text? Certainly English 2 unit clashed with pomo...