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  1. 99 atar confirmed

    Early entry at Uni

    Hey guys just wondering where people got early entry at uni and what course they are doing
  2. 99 atar confirmed

    Last days

    With most year 12's either finishing classes for good tomorrow or next week, how is everyone feeling about it? To be honest I don't think I'm ready to graduate, feel like I'm gonna miss school.
  3. 99 atar confirmed

    Trial Test today

    Anyone else have 2 tests today? I had Math in the morning and modern history in the afternoon. My hand is dead rn
  4. 99 atar confirmed

    Modern History Topics

    For anyone doing Modern History what topics did you did you guys do? Our class did: -Conflict in Indo-China -Nuclear Age -Power and Authority: Nazi Germany -Russia and the Soviet Union Interested to see if anyone else did nuclear age for change in the modern world, as I have not talked to...
  5. 99 atar confirmed


    After re-reading and re-memorsing my essays for the trials I have come to realize how useless English is. From year 7-12 we are taught how to analyze quotes from books and 16 century plays which have no intrinsic value to anyone. After studying a variety of Shakespeare plays, what have I gained...
  6. 99 atar confirmed


    Was just wondering is it still possible to get a 77-80ish ATAR with the marks I'm getting. Advanced Math- 54% Advanced English- 63% Business- 60% Modern History- 75% Studies of Religion- 74% These marks will most likely not change after trials as I am probably going to get these marks for...
  7. 99 atar confirmed

    Has anyone done the CSSA 2018 trial paper for SOR ll or have answers for the paper itself

    Has anyone done the CSSA 2018 trial paper or have answers for the paper itself?