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    The Woolworths Thread

    News reports state that the fair work commission has cut Sunday penalty and public holiday rates. For hospitality and retail. Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-02-23/weekend-penalty-rates-fair-work-commission-decision/8295758 My question is will this affect Coles and Woolworths workers...
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    The Woolworths Thread

    I got offered to transfer stores! I don't know what to do :uhoh:
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    The Woolworths Thread

    I'll happily have your shifts too. Same problem here, they hired to many staff. They ended up changing one of my 3hr shifts to 5hrs, that's better now :D
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    The Woolworths Thread

    I've got one 3hr shift for the next two weeks. This is pathetic :confused2:
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    Centrelink cancelled ALL my payments??

    It sounds like a mistake! However you may not be eligible for the maximum payment thus money earnt over $436 reduces your youth allowance by 50% for every dollar over.
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    The Woolworths Thread

    You are over thinking it, we all make mistakes. So don't stress :D
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    Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation?

    It adds an extra year to your degree and current students have said they have extra classes in the holidays
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    public holiday pay at Coles?

    This makes me happy :D
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    The Woolworths Thread

    I'm working the same days as you! I've never worked a public holiday before...so I'm excited
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    Subject seminars full?

    If all the sessions are full I recommend calling UTS student centre
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    2016 Major Textiles project

    If you need any help for theory or practical I'm happy to help. I got a band 6 in textiles last year :D
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    EAS Rorting Has To Stop

    Without EAS I wouldn't have gotten into my uni course and I'm greatful for it!
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    Youth Allowance now a loan ?!

    Is it worth getting the loan?
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    Travelling to uni

    It is still the shire? You sound like a local. I did know that was where Port Hacking river is
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    Travelling to uni

    The shire *high five*
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    Anyone applied for UTS SRS?

    I'm considering UTS too but under the 10 points closer scheme :D
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    usyd pharmacy or unsw actuarial studies

    Pharmacy is like working in retail You need to own your own pharmacy to earn the big dollars Good luck on deciding, I'm so confused what to do as well!
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    Post your 2015 ATAR here!

    EAS is coming out today!!! I have an email on my UAC account but UAC is down so can't read it :(
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    Distinguished Achievers List

    I made it onto the list :D