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    Techniques/Clarification (What not)

    Is an exclamation mark a technique? Could you say it is used to place a certain emphasis on a phrase?
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    Short answer Qs.

    What key words would you include in your short answers? Also, Do you guys use dot points if it asks you to outline i.e. "2 influences"
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    Atar estimate thanks.

    Final assessment ranks released. English(Standard): 7/148 Senior science: 1/24 PDHPE: 3/52 Hospitality: 2/48 Business: 4/56 School rank: 105 last year. Thanks.
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    What's the advantage of coming first in a subject ?

    Someone explain. Is it true that if you come first in a particular subject, you will get the 1st highest mark in the HSC exams (based on your cohort)?
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    Your takes on social science degree at UNSW?

    Does anyone currently do it? Specifically at UNSW? I like the range of majors they offer, I.e Human resources, Marketing etc Anyways what are your thoughts?
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    Atar estimate - cheers in advance

    Sup guys. I'm aiming to get in a 76 atar course (yes not that high) I go to a school ranked 48 in 2010 , Dunno how well we'll go this year considering the amount of duds in my grade lol. Anways judging from my half yearly results, what am i looking at? Standard Eng: 37/120 Senior Science 1/22...