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    Thoughts on Creative Degrees

    I was wandering what your thoughts are on creative degrees. Such as design, fine arts, music, media etc. I am considering doing a B Design and Media in Public Relations at UNSW. Requires an ATAR of 85. Is it worth it? Job prospects?
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    2015 Textiles and Design

    Is there anyone out there who is a 2015 Textiles student?
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    Dropping Maths?

    Hi, I need some advice wheather to drop General maths. I'm ranked 44/60 with about 54% in my half yearlies which is an equivalent to a band 3 lol. I am ranked in the top 5 of all my other subjects so it would not be counted towards my ATAR. Thoughts?
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    ATAR Estimation. PLEASE

    Hi, I just got my half yearly report. The school is ranked aprox 240s 4/75 English Standard 3/19 Legal 5/50 PDHPE 1/5 textiles 1/13 Art 44/60 General maths- thinking of dropping though... Estimation please. Can I get an ATAR of 80?