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  1. Jellymonsta

    Deferring Uni?

    Yar. Who out there plans on going to uni, but is gonna defer?
  2. Jellymonsta

    Crime Fiction: Text usage

    I'm just curious who is actually planning on using The Big Sleep in the exam. I do BS, RIH and SFOC, and BS feels much harder to adapt to questions that aren't just straight out convention/value q's. my teacher agreed with me that as a text it is not as flexible for the HSC... does anyone plan...
  3. Jellymonsta

    Mass Defect

    Ok i am really shaky on this... I know the defect becomes the binding energy, but how do you actually determine the mass defect in a nuclear equation? eg 2H + 2H --> 4He 1___1____ 2 I have an answer but i cant see how to get it :(