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  1. ReneeApple

    Belatedly selling excel books - $5 each

    Advanced English Extension English 1 Biology Biology - Revise in a month Biology - pocket notebook Studies of Religion I & II Ancient History (books 1 and 2) PM me if you're interested
  2. ReneeApple

    I feel sad, No motivation to study. Im behind in all my subjects help

    Just sit down and tell yourself you can study for 10 minutes. Doesn't seem like much, easy enough. Once that 10 minutes is up you've already got momentum so it's easier to keep going.
  3. ReneeApple

    Haha thanks :) Congrats on your excellent marks as well!

    Haha thanks :) Congrats on your excellent marks as well!
  4. ReneeApple

    How do HSC marks work?

    Your internal MARK counts for nothing except determining your internal rank. Because every school marks differently and has different assessments, the marks across the board are not equal. The only thing that is equal is the external (HSC) exam. So they determine the internal marks from how that...
  5. ReneeApple

    Students ditching science in droves

    One of my old science teachers used to always complain about the science syllabus for years 7-10. They leave you with strict instructions on what to cover, so you're only really covering the boring bits. A whole lot of fun things that they used to be able to do have now been banned because it's...
  6. ReneeApple

    Students ditching science in droves

    Did you ever have grammar classes and other English skills in high school? I wanted to die every time I had to enter the classroom it was so boring.
  7. ReneeApple

    Thoughts on Private Tutors???

    - High HSC marks in the subjects they tutor - Explains concepts clearly regardless of what mark they got in the HSC - The cost for tuition - High ATAR - Studying education at Uni or possessing an education degree I put high ATAR so low because I know people who completely excelled in one or two...
  8. ReneeApple

    Legally, am I allowed to release my HSC music 1 composition for digital distribution?

    Re: Legally, am I allowed to release my HSC music 1 composition for digital distribut I would think that if you weren't allowed to distribute it the board would have made you sign forms stating so. If they haven't given you any indication of your rights to distribute it I don't see why you...
  9. ReneeApple

    School Rankings 2011

    WOW my school dropped ~130 ranks. I knew we were going to drop but that's terrible hahaha oh dear.
  10. ReneeApple

    For all those who got 90+ ATARS....

    I didn't study AT ALL throughout the year. I didn't do homework most of the time, and sometimes didn't even pay attention in class. (I was always tired). I did all my assignments the night before they were due, (I don't recommend this at all), and only studied for tests when they were right in...
  11. ReneeApple

    Is there any way to find out what subjects were used to calculate my ATAR?

    It's 2 best units of English, so yes, extension can count as one of your units if it will scale better than your advanced mark. You can also have more than 2 units of English contribute.
  12. ReneeApple

    Will my school hold me back??

    I went to a private school at ~300 and I would say the majority of the grade didn't care at all until the day before the English exams when they suddenly had a freak. It would have brought down a couple of my friends who worked their asses off but didn't get what they were aiming for. Also the...
  13. ReneeApple

    Can you get above 90 with these subjects?

    It's possible to get it with any subject combination as well as you do well in them!
  14. ReneeApple

    Does SC mean anything?! Compare your SC and HSC here.

    School Certificate: English: 90 Science: 88 Geography: 85 History: 85 Maths: 74 Computing: 96 HSC: English Adv: 91 Extension 1: 44 (I'm not Asian okay) Extension 2: 45 Biology: 91 Ancient History: 91 Studies of Religion: 49 Italian Beginners: 93 Lol school certificate
  15. ReneeApple

    happy but want to kill myself?

    It affects your internal mark
  16. ReneeApple

    Results Check / Raw Marks / Exam Responses

    This is what I've always heard. That's why I'm a bit lost as to why my HSC marks were so low. The aligned marks that I got were similar to a raw mark that I would normally get in that subject - and all my teachers have been HSC markers and have said they're marking stricter than in the HSC to...
  17. ReneeApple

    Share your 2011 ATAR here

    97.20, calculators predicted 96.90 and 97.00. I'm so thrilled, I got everything that I was aiming for!
  18. ReneeApple

    Top Achievers in Course List

    I got 6th for studies of religion 1. I NEVER thought I would come away from this with a state rank!!