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    Would this be a good idea?

    I'm looking for causal/part time work and I do not have any work experience at all... I have applied for numerous positions online via Seek and Wowcareers however still have not recieved any calls/emails. So I was wondering would it be a good idea to roam around the shopping centre looking...
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    Where to go to join sport teams.

    As a fresher I have no idea where go if I wanted to join (try out) for a sport and am dying to play some form of sports in uni. Although I've heard most sport comps are held at Cumbo, where to go in the main campus? Thanks
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    Is it ok to go to the enrolment session having not decided with UoS you are doing?

    Do they help you on deciding which UoS you choose at the enrolment?
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    Help: What does 'units of study' mean?

    On the enrolment guide it says: Details of the units of study you wish to enrol in or seek academic advice about.
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    Question about Mid-Year (external) transfers

    First of all, is it still possible to transfer mid-year externally? If so, are the marks used based purely on WAM or WAM + ATAR
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    Can other people enroll for me?

    Say I'm on a holiday overseas and I get an offer; can I get someone else to enroll at the university for me?
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    What is the date that UWS start for undergraduates 2013(roughly)?

    When does uni of western Sydney for undergrad start?
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    Related films about Africa or War?

    Well, firstly I do not watch a lot of movies which makes this quite a challenging task of actually finding a text. I got a good book and am trying to find a film so... Does anyone know any films that are about Africa? or... War films around WWII particularly if it involving an invasion of a...
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    Is Rain Man a good belonging text?

    Is Rain Man a good choice or is it hard to find another text to relate to?
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    What mark must I get for Health, to not get scaled down?

    Assuming I come first (1/40), what internal mark would I need to achieve for Health and not to get scaled down?
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    11units vs 13units

    I have currently 13units (pretty sure listing my subjects is pointless) I have went around my school and asked teachers about this question and got mixed answers. Right know I'm unsure of dropping a subject or not, so I want to know the Pros and Cons about 13units and 11units. All suggestions...