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  1. ReneeApple

    Belatedly selling excel books - $5 each

    Advanced English Extension English 1 Biology Biology - Revise in a month Biology - pocket notebook Studies of Religion I & II Ancient History (books 1 and 2) PM me if you're interested
  2. ReneeApple

    How are HSC all rounders determined?

    Do you have to get band 6 in EVERY subject you do or 10 units?
  3. ReneeApple

    How does your school award the dux?

    At my school it's awarded by the highest ATAR achievement, but I know some schools do it on internal assessment.
  4. ReneeApple

    How do you use an ATAR calculator?

    As in do you submit your raw marks or your aligned HSC marks?
  5. ReneeApple

    How much does it matter if you get second in your course?

    I got a ranking of second in 2 of my courses and I was wondering how much that would affect me. In bio I know I missed the top spot by 0.25%. My bio cohort is very weak. Me and the girl who got first are about 6% ahead of the person in 3rd. The other course I do through Open High School so I...
  6. ReneeApple

    Band 6 cut offs over 90?

    Are there any subjects that usually have a band 6 cut off ABOVE 90? Just out of curiosity.
  7. ReneeApple

    Ways of thinking?

    So I'm doing Navigating the Global But I only have 2 ways of thinking - postmodernism and postcolonialism. I haven't been taught anything else and I can't even THINK of anything else. What could be a third way of thinking for this topic, just in case they get nasty?
  8. ReneeApple

    Question: Extension English 1 IMPORTANT

    Hey guys, So for extension English, our teacher has instructed us to use 2 of the prescribed texts and 2 pieces of related material. This is completely prepared, that's not the problem. Is everyone else only using 2 of their prescribed texts, or are you using all 3? :uhoh:
  9. ReneeApple

    NKE Amenhotep III to the death of Ramesses III predictions!

    What do you guys think? :eek2:
  10. ReneeApple

    Ancient History Band 6 cut-off

    Does anybody know what the band 6 cut off was last year, or what it usually is?
  11. ReneeApple

    Italian Beginners?

    How'd you find the exam yesterday? :jump:
  12. ReneeApple

    ATAR estimate?

    School rank: 305 My ranks English Advanced: 1/44, trial result 92% Extension English 1: 1/10, trial result 92% Extension 2 English: 1/2 Ancient History: 1/34, trial result 86% Biology: 2/25, trial result 83% :angryfire: Studies of Religion 1: 1/55 trial result 96%...
  13. ReneeApple

    How are your schools doing in maths?

    I don't do any level of maths (thank God) but the people who do do maths at my school are really beginning to freak out. Basically, we don't have the strongest mathematically inclined cohort, and the trials didn't go so well for 2U or 3U. Then, earlier last term, for whatever ingenious reason...
  14. ReneeApple

    Band 6 cut offs?

    Where can I find the past band 6 cut offs? Alternatively, what are the usual cut offs for these subjects: Advanced English Ancient History Biology Italian Beginners SOR 1 Or the E4 cut offs for Extension 1 and 2 English?
  15. ReneeApple

    Working out your assessment mark

    Okay, I'm absolutely shocking at maths and cannot work this out for the life of me. How would I work out my assessment mark bearing task weightings in mind? Assessment One: Weighting - 30% Mark - 96.67% Assessment Two: Weighting - 30% Mark - 100% Assessment Three: Weighting - 40%...
  16. ReneeApple

    Two people ranked first in course

    In biology, me and another girl have received pretty much the same marks for our assessments all year, so we're both ranked equal first with only a 0.25% difference between us. We're also significantly ahead of everyone else in our class, with the person coming second 6% behind us. The...