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    help with a question

    find the greatest coefficient of (4x-3y)^9 with working thanks
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    engineering studies

    has anyone else finished there trials for engineering studies?
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    drawings in engineering studies?

    does any1 master drawings in engineering studies? orthagonal, pictorial etc???
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    Atar estimate ranks for 85+

    school rank 2013 170s 2014 230s keeps hovering around guy1 standard english 70/150 2unit maths 50/130 chemistry 25/80 physics 25/80 ecconomics 30/55 engineering studies 5/13 guy2 std english 45/150 3unit maths 40/70 4unit maths 32/33 chemistry 65/80 physics 25/80 eco 45/55 cheers
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    dont understand this question

    would be appreciated if someone helped me out here http://i.imgur.com/pMbVrVX.jpg the last question cheers :)
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    media articles need help plz!!!

    hey guys does anyone have or has any good media articles for for the following economics sub topics external stability or Environmental Management, so far i am struggling on finding articles on these would be greatly appreicated thanks!!!
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    any1 willing to give out an estimate

    lasy yr rankiing like 160ish this yr school ranking 220-230ish std english 50ish roughly/140ish chemistry 20ish/85ish physics 20ish/80ish engineering 5/13 economics 30/55 2U maths 50ish or less/130ish
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    need help with a integrating question area

    would be helpful if anyone can answer it with working out as if know how to do bits and pieces of the question would be helpful guys
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    bachelor of business and engineering

    does any1 do this double degree at UTS, if so what are your experiences like is it fun, hows the course overall etc
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    atar estimation cheers

    school rank 230ish student A std eng 50-70/140ish maths2U 40-50ish/120 chemistry 30-35/80 physics 20-30ish think 26th engineering 5/6 /13 student B school rank around 85s maths 2U 10/120ish physics 15/90ish chem 22/100ish economics 30/90 std eng 30ish/100ish biology 20sh/100
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    not too sure?

    in a standard essay are we allowed to use complicated techniques examples pathetic fallacy in which you dont learn in standard,would that be okay and i am i allowed to do so with other techniques??? kinda confusing
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    essay writing???

    anyone willing to give feedback on my essay please exam is next week please????
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    how to study!!!!

    can someone tell me how you study for physics, iam really so screwed screwed up my hallf yearly for it and dont know how you study giving tips or ideas are essential
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    henry lawson essays

    anyone have any lawson essays inbox or post on the wall if any available trading with others can be arranged
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    lawson essays?

    anyone have lawson essays? inbox me or post in this wall will trade for others if required
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    tottaly screwed up my yearlies need some serious help guys am i gone and doomed?

    'whoops i mean HALF YEARLIESSS!!! maths was kinda easy failed first test worth 15% half yearlye probs around 50-60% worth 25 total 40% done eco was easy approx70% chem need to do it engineering studies need to do it also i need an atar of 85 what ranks do i need to achieve it roughly ranks...
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    physics and chem qns????

    anyone have any chem or physics questions that are ordered in topics o syllabus dotpoints would be great thanksss
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    urgenttt need a tutor for standard english!!!

    hey guys/people if you can tutor standard English and know the content well and willing to tutor me please inbox me, it will be highly appreciated, urgent as i have week bonds in it so yea thanklsssss
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    is it the end for me?

    i got my standard english ranks today and it was absloelty shocking 30% assessments done and my rank was 103/145,is this the end of my hsc atar mark? also will this affect my atar drastically? do the BOS look at your half yearly marks or yearly marks which one is greater, also if my rank now is...
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    atar estimate guys not too good wich included 1st assessment rankssss

    maths2U 50/120 chem= 10-20/70 physics 10-20/70 eco= 30/70 engineering 3/12 std eng like really bad need to improve 60-70/140 what ranks do i require for a atar >85 thankssssss