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  1. K

    STAT test. anyone doing the mid year one?

    stat is easy, better off getting it over and done with in mid sem though and party at the end of the year,
  2. K

    The Best Chemistry Option?

    my school did shipwrecks, its alright i guess but imo if ur not doing physics chemistry of art really helps with stuff in uni
  3. K

    Best textbooks/guides for hsc chem?

    you dont need any study guides. Just use the text book you got and find past HSCers note to supplement yours.
  4. K

    Discuss: Study techniques!

    To do well in Extension 2, It should occupy about 60-80% of your study time.
  5. K

    USYD Pharmacy Roll Call '10!

    hi, im in pharm this year.. does any 1 know when we get our time tables? we cant make it our selves right?
  6. K

    Pharmacy at Usyd

    wow it got higher than last year? thats unexpected... speaking of pharmacy does any one know when we get out time tables?
  7. K

    Got 96 in 2U HSC. Give up for 4U?!

    YES DO 4U I screwed my test up counted about 40% wrong (even more with silly mistakes) and it scaled to 92!! in the end
  8. K

    Share your 2009 ATAR here

    96.5 really happy, but regret not studying much for 4U missed E4 by 1 mark -_-
  9. K

    For the Dry Cell Reactions

    instead of writing the extended equation for the reduction of the maganese oxide can u just write Mn4+ + 2e- -> Mn2+ ??
  10. K

    long response q for 2009 HSC

    yeah I think the history They can and probly will if not the extended on retoration preservation but doubt theyll ask for case study again.
  11. K

    Biology hsc exam who ready!!

    ahhh thanks another question! Quarantine, main features and an example!
  12. K

    Biology hsc exam who ready!!

    Whats the enzyme that makes mRNA??? also do u guys think hormone replacement/renal dyalysis will come up??
  13. K

    General Thoughts: Mathematics Ext 2

    i fucked up i think i can at max 60% raw. Im ranked 6th in a school thats ranked 96th rkn i can still get band 5 in 4U and atar of 92+?? HELP
  14. K

    Good Luck Mx2ers!

    really? i thought 08 was easy compared to 07... yeh im guessing itll be moderate, like the 06 paper
  15. K

    Please help!

    Yeh my school didnt do this experiment but generally i think they want some sort of observation under a magnifying glass looking for fungal growth, black spots and bite marks.
  16. K

    How many 4u HSC past papers

    just out of curiosity how many hours does it take for you guys to do one whole paper? It takes me like 5-6 hours and cant seem to get past question 5 without looking at answers.... also Ive been told that Just by doing well up to Question 7 is a low band 6(or E4 or whatever) does this mean i...
  17. K

    How to spend the holidays??

    I think the best thing to do is to do as much as u can in 2/3 hours and take a little break. Than repeat ALL day but still get ATLEAST 7 hours sleep and eat properly. I find that i cant concentrate and nothing sticks if i study with an empty stomach or if im tired.
  18. K

    Hi lawrence

    Hi lawrence
  19. K

    Design an Experiement questions

    With design an experiment questions whats the best way to set it out??? like Aim, than equipment method etc. or just describe what u can do.... also do u have to list the dependent and independent variables + risk factors?? heres an example: A type of plant which grows in tasmania drops it...
  20. K

    Scholarship Applications

    Just wondering When writing your personal statement for your scholarship applications is it better writing in essay format or in list form?? If any 1 wants to share their personal statement it would be most helpful =]