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  1. simmyxo

    Toolies '09!!!

    not all them christians are like 'no sex before marriage'... hahahaha i go to a catholic school and there have been some major sluts in my yr... hehehehe they arent all bad... they didnt chew ur ear off telling you that you should join their denomination did they?
  2. simmyxo


    just go to schoolies! who says u need to get drunk or take drugs? go somewhere ur comfortable (maybe somewhere u went on a family holiday to once) and have a good time with your mates
  3. simmyxo

    Schoolies *2009* Port Macquarie

    12 people - south pacific opposite flynns - 26 nov - 3 dec. PARTY BIATCH
  4. simmyxo

    does the recession affect your 09 schoolies trip?

    maccas doesnt believe in the recession. hahahahaha and neither do the people who eat it! our poor underexercised and overeating customers... their wallets will be empty soon enough ahaha
  5. simmyxo

    Schoolies 2009 at Port Macquarie...is it worth it?

    Port Mac is beautiful. Def go... our group chose there because most of us werent allowed interstate (or overseas - pfft who wants to leave the country for schoolies????? losers) so yeah... plus theres a bit of a rep for having beach parties and its just a great place.
  6. simmyxo

    How much is everyone paying for schoolies?

    Port Mac: its like 300 pp for our accomadation - theres 12 of us sharing 2 6sleepers apartments right on the beach. the 300 incl. bond and deposit. so just add petrol to drive up from the hunter (should be sweet on half a tank) and our foodstuffs and alco-mahol and we're sweet. have over 1800...
  7. simmyxo

    Schoolies in Port Macquarie

    one of the people in my group at school tried to organise that but i said no... i dont want people making me food and having 'disco nights'... plus its like fully supervised or something... thus no underage drinking for my friends... oh well anyways she told us that u had to be on some special...
  8. simmyxo

    Warning for Schoolies Goers in the coming Year.

    yeh had that trouble already - first like 10 places we contacted had either run out of schoolies places or didn't take schoolies at all. people should look after the rooms they are in and do the right thing and maybe they might allow people back next time!
  9. simmyxo

    Schoolies in Port Macquarie

    south pacific apartments 26th november to 3rd december baby! got like 12 people with us so its gunna be awesome =]]
  10. simmyxo

    Have you cooked so far this term?

    we cook ever fortnight. we do different food depending on what we're studying at the point. if we dont have a specific prac we make something that people havent had before. there are 4 members of my class
  11. simmyxo

    crapping urself?

    ok im agreeing here. this post is for people who are about to sit the hsc physics exam in 08, 09ers can get some advice about study i guess. so anyone in yr 9 atm should rly look at their own stuff, not the courses they will do in 2 yrs time.
  12. simmyxo

    Discussions in experiments

    someone got something smart-sounding for equipment errors in a discussion for an experiment? also human error, measuring, angle, stnadard deviation and reliability. =]
  13. simmyxo

    2009ers: Year 12 Jerseys

    Re: Year 12 Jerseys yur school mus be really crap if they dont let you have nicknames. one of the sciency smart girls is getting e=mcawsome (we have character restrictions) because she is like legendary for her dedication to physics. hse has become organised just for physics. its a miracle...
  14. simmyxo

    Studying for Maths

    hey guys, my study notes consist of each formula i've learned over both prelim & HSC years, separated by topic (eg geometry, trig, etc) and written colourfully with subheadings and names decribing them. from this i've memorised so many more formulas... can also be used in other formula study...