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  1. Jellymonsta

    To Keep or not to Keep?

    keep it. IT took about 3 hours a week for me, and i aced it. its a simple course, plus you get lvl2 qualifications by the time you are looking at uni/tafe/work. not much, but it is a slight advantage over most school leavers. seriously, IT required the least amount of work at home of all my...
  2. Jellymonsta

    Anyone goping Big Day Out

    qotsa is gonna be good fun. deftones is apparently pretty intense. underworld is good. unless they play new stuff. pj harvey... no. :p havent been to BDO for a couple of years, should be interesting.
  3. Jellymonsta

    Personal research on IQ tests (proper and otherwise)?

    If that were true, I could be a genius... i never turned the tv on :p There must be a flaw in that logic ;)
  4. Jellymonsta

    I removed "Spam"

    You removed Spam... spose this will have to do... :p :spam: ....
  5. Jellymonsta

    This is just a tribute to McLake

    You are a really strange guy(?) slick. you know that, dont you? just a mite too disturbing/disturbed for me. :rolleyes:
  6. Jellymonsta

    am i totally screwed?

    Title? Meh. Didn't do one. Don't think they required one... but i doubt it would cripple your mark even if they did. It's only a title anyway - I'd be more concerned about the actual story :p. Don't fret. You will not get any feedback, and you will never see that piece of work again. Just...
  7. Jellymonsta

    Physics notes

    have you checked out the ones on the main boredofstudies site? i found them a decent supplement to my own... which have now been put in the back of the cupboard :p
  8. Jellymonsta

    This is just a tribute to McLake

    slick, i think you can :haha: :p lol McLake, you are like 70 ahead of him. that is a lofty goal to beat him now :p
  9. Jellymonsta

    This is just a tribute to McLake

    ahh right.... yeah. sarcasm. that was it :p hehe youre beat already ML.
  10. Jellymonsta

    This is just a tribute to McLake

    damage is done slick. your image is tarnished forever in my eyes :p edit: and 'McLakey'? pffft :D
  11. Jellymonsta

    Short story - research???

    Basically just crap on... people kinda talked about it before here-ish
  12. Jellymonsta

    crime fiction

    wide variety of reading. get a history of CF and work through it so you know what CF is based on, and how it has changed... prolly a bit early to go looking for RM, but if you see some you find appropriate, keep it. look at how CF youve read is distinctive in its era (it is, trust me), and...
  13. Jellymonsta

    This is just a tribute to McLake

    you forgot engineering and kitchen :p
  14. Jellymonsta

    Confused, Need help!

    or click on boredofstudies down the bottom of all these pages :p
  15. Jellymonsta

    Deferring Uni?

    Yar. Who out there plans on going to uni, but is gonna defer?
  16. Jellymonsta

    Personal research on IQ tests (proper and otherwise)?

    Well it is a quotient, not necessarily indicative of actual intelligence - just potential :p
  17. Jellymonsta

    open the MAIL!!!

    Hehe student numbers. Never thought i would know an 8digit number so well that it pops up in my dreams...
  18. Jellymonsta

    Who has a REALLY crappy job??

    Or give yourself a mental condition, then blame it on donuts. Like so: Repeat daily. By doing this, you build a strong case for when you sue Donut King. Whatever you do, dont become one of those 'dancers' who pretend to be statues *shudders*... i may stab you with a spoon if you do.
  19. Jellymonsta

    Who has a REALLY crappy job??

    For a good job, sell your body McLake. If you arent so particular, McDonalds :D And if you dont mind work that is both hard and shitty (but pay is ok), find some sort of labourer to work with. at least you can swear, and dont need to smile all the time to arseholes wanting donuts. well...
  20. Jellymonsta

    School Crazes/in things

    My friends got hundreds of bandaids, put a combination of Bonox (i think) and sweet chilli sauce on them so that it vaguely looked like a used bandaid. they then put them on the bottom of handrails etc, and waited for someone to get it stuck to their hands. there was an intense investigation by...