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    Question about offers

    you normally get one offer per round if you've got the atar and pre-requiste studies. so you should be fine. don't stress. just put your favourite preference first and make sure your happy with it.
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    HSC 2017 Predictions/Preparation Thread [English - Paper 1]

    I'm hoping the creative will be half decent pictures...... what they gave us in the trial was cruel, my predication is that it will be another statement though referring to the process of discovery. short answer is anyones guess. probs a couple of pictures, a poem, short story
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    Length of response for HSC

    I'm doing advanced English and I struggle to get 4 pages let alone 8. it depends on how big your handwriting is. I can fit at least 10-15 words a line with my handwriting so therefore my pages will be limited. if you have the average handwriting of 7-10 words a line then you should be able to...
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    Stolen/Neighbourhood Watch

    I do both of these texts for Australian theatre.
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    SOR ISLAM HSC - Quotation essay help

    i do two unit so what I learn will differ from your learning slightly. but try and use some of the examples I gave you and the internet is your best friend atm or your teacher (!). I left my textbook at school but otherwise I would of found some specific examples using the Quran for you.
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    SOR ISLAM HSC - Quotation essay help

    what religion class is this? 1 unit or 2? break the quote down slowly. so religion gives life significance and they are put here on earth to look after the environment. their environmental ethics outline their duties. also their sacred text will outline the fundamentals of life and give the...
  7. K

    Motivation for English

    with English you just gotta find some motivation and dig deep. I do advanced English and every class I feel like skipping it because I severely dislike the teacher and Shakespeare but find a 'fun' way to study. so if your a visual learner put posters up and make colourful flashcards. don't...
  8. K

    HELP about my English creative writing??!!

    so there's no way you could pass a second copy onto another teacher? if you get into trouble just make an excuse like you wanted more opinions, just hand it in as a draft.- teachers love that. in my class there's 28 kids and its so hard to get decent feedback and there's obvious favourites...
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    HELP about my English creative writing??!!

    why dont you hand your story into another English teacher at school? its what I do because I hate my advanced English teacher, I dropped out of extension 1 English because the teacher was horrible. just hand it in to another English teacher and see how you go. He's probably trying to push you to...
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    Future ideas for the HSC in scriptwriting

    In my drama class we have 6 people, and most will be doing monologues for their individual project and i'll be doing the script writing. so has anyone got any really out there ideas that I could incorporate into my script? furthermore has anyone here completed the script and what marks did...
  11. K

    2 people in my drama class?

    our drama class is awesome as we've only got 7 people and 3 are dropping at the start of year 12. our teachers good tho haha she's afraid of birds so class is fun. just try to find similarities in the pair and work from there. :devil:
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