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    Post your 2006 UAI here!

    SAM lied to me.... how come all of your UAI's are higher then SAM? :( SAM - 99.00 UAI - 98.9
  2. L

    Official Assessment Ranks

    quinnm2006 - only 8 units?
  3. L

    Official Assessment Ranks

    15040 Business Studies 1 / 33 15110 Economics 1 / 27 15140 English (Advanced) 5 / 45 15250 Mathematics Extension 1 1 / 16 15260 Mathematics Extension 2 1 / 8 15270 Modern History...
  4. L

    Confess:How many pages did you write?

    16 for ER and 14 for protection...l33tness
  5. L

    Estimate Your Raw Mark.

    Nah, my years class average will be like 50%... So theres no chance my scaled mark will be that high. Again, it depends on how leniently they mark the essays. but yeah, if my teacher was marking that I'd get over 95 raw I think
  6. L

    Band 6 cut off?

    too low probably. more 88-89 i think
  7. L

    General Thoughts: Economics 2006

    Essays were a bit unpredictable (exachange and ESD) but overall pretty easy exam I thought, short answers and multiple choice were a breeze
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    Estimate Your Raw Mark.

    95+ raw. Pretty easy I thought
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    What Personality Did You Do?

    Speer. Both were PERFECT! Different interpretations? Good Nazi vs Bad Nazi? Knowledge of Holocaust? Liar vs Not Liar? The whole question was based on historiography for me (ie, Shirer, Bullock, King all believed him whilst Schmidt and Van Der Vat believe hes a liar). I nailed that section I...
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    If We Pretend 3u Is Easy Do We Get Extra Marks!!

    Bit hypocritical no? :P. Thats exactly right, I live in Vaucluse so I'm better then you. So my location gives me unlimited "bad mark wishing" abilities. Also, I AM superman. ha!... *this forum needs a rolling eyes smiley*
  11. L

    If We Pretend 3u Is Easy Do We Get Extra Marks!!

    Re: I meant we shuld pretend that 3U was hard Qft?
  12. L

    If We Pretend 3u Is Easy Do We Get Extra Marks!!

    Re: I meant we shuld pretend that 3U was hard shut up. most found it hard. i hope you get E3
  13. L

    READ: math exam too hard !! from SMH

    hahaha, thats awesome. I'll get like 96 scaled now :). I actually didnt find the content too difficult, just the time restrictions
  14. L

    So what did everyone think of it??

    Yeah actualy surprisingly well. The Cold War questions were unexpected, very hard but ok. Germany was good and personalities was perfect! I might get high 80's raw without ever opening a history text book ever :|
  15. L

    Stopped previous trends...

    I think its the first time theyve asked for 2 projectiles in a HSC before as well
  16. L

    Band 6 cut off?

    Low 60's is just past 70%... thats what its pretty much like in 4U isnt it? What was last years cut off?
  17. L

    What did you and didn't do?

    I "attempted" all, but at the expense of getting 2/3 for most of them... I'll probably lose about 12 marks
  18. L

    Band 6 cut off?

    What you reckon? 65/84??
  19. L

    Induction Question

    Wasn't too bad... just had to add one and minus one get the the result in part i). I think I may have fudged the last line but I think I should get 3 for it, at least 2.
  20. L

    A 3U forum for 4U students

    I guess it'll get scaled. That was 100x harder comparitively, i might get a higher raw 4U mark then 3u!. both about 80-82% though