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  1. Sickle

    How many pages??

    For me it was about..... 12 overall.
  2. Sickle

    How did you go??

    I think I went fine... it was pretty easy I was prepaired for something much more difficult! Anyway Q1 (b) I did not particularly like because I kinda didn't do the structual frame... oh well...
  3. Sickle

    Amount of Content...

    Is it just me or is the amount of material we have to know absolutley ridiculous?? I have 4 folders jampacked with notes! It's insane! There's no way in hell I'm going to remember all the important stuff in 4 days. :mad: At least the lucky bastards next year will have one less topic to study...
  4. Sickle

    Has any one had depression talks?

    My school forced year 12 aka my year to go to a depression talk the other week. Some people, presumably counsellors (at least I hope they were, don't want to go taking adivce from people who arn't experts in it...) came to my school and showed us videos of a depressed guy who had a leaf.... I'm...