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  1. bitchgirl

    hip hop concert

    urrh is there a concert that's gonna happen on jan. next year with lil jon, 50cent gunit etc, i saw something about it on the t.v but i got a glimpse of it, and no im not a groupie
  2. bitchgirl

    getting more memory installed in your computer??

    Lately my computer has been running well abit slow compared to when i first bought it, and lately i have been getting pop ups from windows saying windows memories is low, its increasing memory space etc maybe because i have alot of programs installed like; firefox, limewire, photoshop, aim...
  3. bitchgirl

    Porn industry ready for iPods????!!!

    http://finance.news.com.au/story/0,10166,17253509-462,00.html THE small screen is heating up with a new wave of racy images and film clips making their way to mobile phones and the new video iPods, raising new questions for telecom companies and regulators. Films, television shows and images...
  4. bitchgirl

    Favourite Ps1 Game?

    lets look back at our favourite ps1 games, when we first played ps1 console long time ago, my favourite ps1 game would be road rash 2, i wish it still sold more, mine is gone :(
  5. bitchgirl

    ideas to promote your own website

    im wondering if there's any ways to promote your own website, and the best way to get your own site with hits etc, any suggestions?
  6. bitchgirl

    poat some modern notes

    Describe the successes and failures of the Wehrmacht (German fighting forces) 1935-1945 the Wehrmacht or as known as the German fighting forces was an army made up of Germans that fight battles during world war 2, The success of the Wehrmacht is that it was a powerful German force during...
  7. bitchgirl

    Notes on Augustus

    post some ancient history notes a) Assess the problems of succession faced by Augustus Augustus was concerned about the future of Rome after his death from almost the beginning of his reign. Time and again he pinned his hopes on an heir, only to have his plans dissatisfied by the premature...
  8. bitchgirl

    LIMEWIRE is dead.... welcome to frostwire!!!

    Based on the fact that LimeWire is going to implant some type of DRM filtering in to it's client, making it useless for the people who want to breach copyright laws and following the destructive ways of RIAA's command, a group of developers has decided to work on a project called FrostWire...
  9. bitchgirl

    those who have school formals after the HSC??

    I've heard that alot of schools have their formal before the HSC, and others having theirs after the HSC, im just curious, did everyone had their formal before the hsc or after the hsc, my school's having after the hsc though
  10. bitchgirl

    lazy students?!?

    i've finished my last exam today :) and i just wondering about those students who dont actually hold a pen to do the exams and just sit their in the exams room head down on the table and wont bother to make an effect, does anyone have this problem? i actually seen those who didnt write 1 word in...
  11. bitchgirl

    what irritates you in the HSC exams?!?!

    Well im talking about what ticks you to go insane in your head while doing a hsc exams that can lose all your concentration thinking in a exam, where you want silence but something like distracts your thinking: * someone behind you chewing with gum * someone who can not breath properly...
  12. bitchgirl

    Do you see yourself marrying outside your race?

    Do you see yourself marrying someone outside your race? To a guy/girl outside your race??? i would prefer dating anyone from out of my race, even though im mixed and im happy for anything and so on, so anyways would you see yourself being married to someone outside your race or keep it in your...
  13. bitchgirl

    images used in hsc exams about journeys

    when i did the trial exams, there's a image that relates to journeys, i think i remember it was a image of a plane flying over the mountains etc and when talking about images that relates to journeys, do we use techniques to answer the questions or what it relates to journeys????
  14. bitchgirl

    getting sick right before the hsc starts?

    ok, currently im very sick atm and lately i can not concentrate on studying my subjects before the hsc, and i think i can not take the exams on monday for english, no its not an excuse, i actually have to see the doctor etc because i have a heart condition something to do with blood clot etc...
  15. bitchgirl

    computer HELP!!!!

    recently i've been scanning for spyware, viruses etc, and i removed all these adware, spyware pop up ads etc and when i restarted my computer to remove these ads etc and every time i start my computer i get this box popping up, i dont think its a spyware or something, more of a error or...
  16. bitchgirl

    web codes HELP!

    im currently trying to add music clips (audio) to my msn myspace and i couldnt listen to the audios i posted, when i preview it, it plays the song, but when i post it it doesnt play and has a blank window instead with the HTML codes etc... example: <EMBED...
  17. bitchgirl

    help msn connection

    i cant connect to my msn and this always pop up on my computer screen when i try to connect to messenger any help :(
  18. bitchgirl

    msn version 7.5?

    i was checking my email sent to me and i had something under the message saying MSN Messenger 7.5: upgrade now http://messenger.ninemsn.com.au/xp/downloadDefault.aspx is this a newer version or something?? what's the difference between the 7.0 itself which i currently have....
  19. bitchgirl

    is the HSC exams easier than the trials or the opposite?

    out of Curiosity, do you think the hsc exams gonna be easier than the trials that the year 12's did, im basing it on knowledge and questions being possibly set for the hsc and the trial results because i asked a few hsc students who did their hsc last year, they said that the hsc is easier than...
  20. bitchgirl

    Kanye West on NBC: "George Bush doesn't care about Black People!"

    On NBC Kanye and mike myers talk live about the Hurricane Disaster... Kanye first was reading the teleprompter on his thoughts about black people being portrayed as looters and stuff and talked about donating as much as he can then Kanye blurted out "George Bush doesnt care about Black People"...