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  1. benn07

    UOW Discovery Days. You going?

    Just wondering whos going. I'm going on Wednesday!! Its going to be awesome (i hope) because i want to go there! And we dont have to wear uniform!!! YES!
  2. benn07

    My boarding schools closing:( Any ideas?

    Okay, well the Catholic Education thingy is shutting down my boarding school at the end of next year :( i used to hate the place but now ive fallen in love with it lol. Anyone got any ideas for anything that we (the students) can do to try and keep it open? The Catholic education thingy is being...
  3. benn07

    HELP!! With module C

    OKay, we are doing Birthday Letter by Ted Hughes for representation and text: conflicting perspectives, and we have an in class assignment that we need to prepare for, and the question is: How has your understanding of perspectives offered in your texts been shaped by their representation? Im...
  4. benn07

    Nutrition Question

    I have to do a report on type 2 diabetes, and one of the things says "What is the groups health status?" and says use statistics. what does this mean? Thanks.
  5. benn07

    Has anyone else done YAA Business Skills?

    I did! It was soooo good, it made everything in business studies so much easier, and i only transferred into business studies to get out of biology cause i didnt like the teacher and i ended up coming first! So did anyone else do it? If you did are you going to the national awards in sydney?
  6. benn07

    Topics for '09

    So i thought it would be a good idea to make a thread for all the people commencing History Extension for the 2009 HSC! What topics is everyone doing for their project? I'm thinking of doing impacts of diamond trades in africa.
  7. benn07

    Anyone else going on leadership camp?

    Yeah just wondering if anyone here is going on the leadership camp at Mulgoa later on this term? I think its only Catholic schools that are going though!
  8. benn07

    Subject Dropping time!

    So what subjects are people dropping? I can't decide, its either business studies, food tech or chemistry.
  9. benn07

    Right decision? Dropped Bio for Business Studies

    Im still making up my mind whether or not i made the right choice, the bio teacher is kinda angry at me, cause i did well in science last year, but i dont really need bio, and i didnt really wanna do two sciences. Is business studies better than bio (in your opinion) or not? Which scales better...
  10. benn07

    Invasion of privacy?

    I dont know if this is in the right category thing.. but here goes... Ok, i go to a boarding school, and they want our mobile phone numbers, make and model of phone/s and sim cards and everything so that they can keep track of them and make sure we hand them in. Does anyone else feel this as an...
  11. benn07

    Online Computer Skills test

    Ok, i was doing the online computer skills test, finished it in about 20 minutes, and then i went over every question, but i clicked continue first, and then when it says "are you sure you want to finish"i clicked go back, and then yeah, when i finally did choose to finish, it goes "sending" and...