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    !!!!urgent help needed on moving schools

    Chatswood is pretty smart because of the top selective students(I think there's generally about 3-5 99 ATAR's) they mostly carry the school ranking(with some help from other selective/Gifted and talented students.) Its still a half decent school to go to(There is drugs and stuff but you should...
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    how many hours of study

    The sample papers released by Nesa are only 17/18(out of 20) because it would defeat the purpose if people could just copy someone else's 20/20 and use it in HSC.
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    Why is AUS in a recession and was not in a recession during the GFC? Was it because of China?

    I agree that MP was another effective tool in the GFC but when you say that "Because MP can't be used effectively anymore is also why I think unemployment increased so much because interest rates can't be decreased further." I don't agree with that part because the UE increase was inevitable...
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    Why is AUS in a recession and was not in a recession during the GFC? Was it because of China?

    Absolutely because they were both effective supports to help increase AD of the Aus eco. 1. China was demanding large amount of commodities to build infrastructure and stimulate the eco(Avoid recession) 2. Economic stimulus helped lift the level of AD by giving money out which would be respent...
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    MX2 Trial Papers

    Check out thsc(I can't post the link) but just google it and look through the maths extension 2 trials section, there are many new syllabus ext 2 papers. Hope this helps!
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    Normanhurst Selective Letter or Email???

    It should be a call? I was called by the school, maybe if they can't reach you, they will email.
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    Difference between FULL selective and PARTIAL selective school?

    I used to go Chatswood High(was my 3rd/4th preference?) in the selective stream, reading some of these comments, I didn't really feel a selective vs mainstream(there was also a gifted and talented class.) I was able to transfer into a fully selective school and it's incredibly different...
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    Behind in math

    This is Year 10 maths right? I would say, go back through what you've learnt(h/w or class notes) and focus areas where you really struggle/don't understand. Also, i believe for Kurt, he doesn't really accept people after the beginning of Year 11, so its best to apply now and sit the entrance...
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    Normanhurst Test Preparation

    My friend did the test around 2-3 years ago, he said that for the Maths part, it is pretty easy if you know your stuff. He also said there most likely is not anything on circle geo but its always possible so I guess just know your stuff? But for the english part, it is a little more difficult...
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    anyone know the total cost of the stimulus program?

    It was around $210 billion including the $130 billion Jobkeeper stimulus but then an error meant that it only cost $70 billion, so in total the federal govt spent around $150 billion($17.6 billion for Welfare recipients, $66 bn for Welfare seekers + Jobseeker, $70 bn for Jobkeeper)
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    Don't open the thread :)

    You should have in-depth knowledge about each poem and it is expected that you have a paragraph or more about each text in the case it is asked but most commonly, they will ask for at least half of the poems that you've studied so you can make a choice. I feel like missing out on 1-2 paragraphs...
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    Need help for subject selection (year 11)

    If you are looking into actuarial studies, it is strongly recommended to do Extension 2 Maths in Year 12(Although, its definetly not necessary). Although, there is very little correlation between Ext 2 and Actuarial studies, the difficulty of Ext 2 will help prepare you for the course.(What i've...
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    Yr 10 Past Papers needed for Science and English (and Normahurst)

    Hey, so my friend got into Normanhurst in Year 11 and he told me that it was a relatively straightforward exam with a maths and english section. I believe the english section changes every year because it has been a book review/creative over the years but I would say be prepared for...
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    Why must a CAD equal a KAFA surplus?

    Maybe a more simple way to look at it is that a CAD means money is being paid out of the eco into the global eco. So in order to balance that K leaving the country(from BOGS or NY), there must be an inflow of I theoretically and thus, including net omissions and errors CAD + KAFA = 0.
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    Moving Schools during the beginning of Term 2 Year 11

    That would definetly be enough time to catch up within 3-4 weeks I would say, but don't forget to ask any questions to your teachers or even your dad. I'm sure that they will be willing to answer questions for you, especially if you have no prior knowledge. As long as you try to keep up with the...
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    Normanhurst Boys Selective Entrance Exam 2019

    I had one of my friends get into Normo during Year 11, he told me that the exam is pretty different from the HAST. It was more of a typical test which tested much more normal stuff rather than general ability. Hope this helps!
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    Moving Schools during the beginning of Term 2 Year 11

    As long as you have the willingness to catch up and ask questions, it will be easily possible for anyone. I would try to catch up in the next holidays or any free time that you get. However, if you're only doing it because your dad is good at it, I'm not sure you will enjoy the subject too much...
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    Moving Schools during the beginning of Term 2 Year 11

    In regards, to your decision between the two schools, have you talked to both of those schools to determine if that subject combination is possible? That might be a deciding factor between the two schools. But with your subject selection, I would go with whichever subject you like the most(Trust...
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    Topic 2 need help please

    Evaluate means to "make a judgement based on criteria" I would say that by providing both sides of the argument and starting/ending with your overall judgement about the question which would be either balanced cost/benefit or greater benefits than costs etc. For this question, I would also try...
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    Need some Help urgently!!

    So as the KAFA(Capital and Financial account) increases due to an investment inflow from foreign sources, this leads to a worsening of the NPY(Net Primary Income) because of the education CAD + KAFA = 0 and the investment inflow must be repaid through servicing costs. An increase in the surplus...