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    changing electives??get money back?

    i changed one of moi electives from a subject that is 8units to a subject that is wondering if i get a bit of money back from that subject..cauz the feez dependz on ur csubjects doesnt it?
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    do commerce people go to skool everidai?

    how mani daiz a week do commerce ppl go to uni? and how mani hours a week?
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    wat 2 electives did ppl pick for commerce?

    wat two electives did u pick for commerce?? i picked claw 1001 and ECMT 1020...can i do cpa wiv these 2 subjects? i want to major in accounting
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    when do we get timetables for our subjects??(b commerce)

    do we get it on orientation dai march 2nd???
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    wat electives did u pick for commerce

    im majorin in accounting and gonna do cpa and i picked claw 1001 commercial transactions a and claw 2001 coporation law can i pick a unit startin wiv 2... ithought it was for second year but person at enrolment said i could
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    for commerce acconting b4 u enrol do u have to pick subjects

    so i have to know wat subjectz i do b4 i enrol or do u choose subjectz when u enrol
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    for commerce accoutning how do u know wat subjects u have to do

    i looked at da econ. and business handbook on net doesnt tell u wat to confusin..
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    how much will syd commerce go up by?

    how much will the uai go up by? by 1 more or stay same
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    anione goin to macquarie uni for commerce accounting

    im wondering who is goin to macquarie commerce accounting?
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    do u tink i can tutor wiv an uai of 90?

    is it too low a uai of 90 to tutor sum1?
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    fee paying for commerce

    i want to do commerce accounting and i read u can get in wiv 89.10 by paying. is it possible to pai da first year then move up to hecs by performing well. DO u you just need a credit to move to HECS or do u have to do exceptionalli well like a high distinction.
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    scan multi

    can some1 plz scan the multiple choice qquestions and put it up?
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    predict moi uai plz.....

    these r moi final markz for moi hsc... 4unit math....87% 3unit math ...92% english advanced 83% physics......78% ipt......80%
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    Linking Case study with essay

    How do u actually put info from ur case study into ur essay???? do they specifically ask for it or do u have to choose info from the case studs that relate to question?