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  1. DatAtarLyfe

    2015 Query

    So the q. 14 c) (iii) in the 2015 paper is Pretty simple and I worked it out. But I looked at their answers: And their first line of working out stops at the playing winning 2n games, when I pretty sure you have to include the probability 2n+1 games as well. Am I right or is there am I...
  2. DatAtarLyfe

    English Dilemna

    So im ranked 3rd in my cohort. Both 1st and 2nd are solid, and so the prediction was that us three would get the top marks (possible 90's a piece) and thus our internal marks would be 90's as we wouldn't have to rely on the rest of the cohort. However, 1st had a nightmare, stuffed up paper 1...
  3. DatAtarLyfe

    Estimate for the bantz

    So its time to get my estimate, post trials I just want to let you guys know that if you are qualitatively checking my schools results, our cohort last year was extremely poor whereas our current one is stronger, and is on par with the 2012 one (if you guys plan on using topscores for my...
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    So i have to write a speech on two of the speeches in this module (i know lol, speech of a speech) We have to do Noel Pearson and another one of your choice, and so i decided to pick the Redfern speech, since i can see how it links very closely to Noel Pearsons. Can someone give me some...
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    So i had a prac and process test for chem, and it was on the whole anion cation analysis. So after doing the prac, i had to write an aim, method, results etc. In order to convey each step and what i got at each step of the experiment, i decided to draw a flowchart for my results. However now...
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    Multiple Choice

    Can someone plz explain to me why the answer is D? Im generally quite good at doing these type of questions Thanks
  7. DatAtarLyfe

    Trial Question

    I see these types of question quite often: "Analyse the relationship between technology and advances in physics" I'm always at a loss on how to relate this to the modules, if i even need to. How would you approach this question? and with what examples?
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    I posted this in phys section, but my question applies to both phys and chem My trial exams are this term and so i'm going to start doing trial papers in order to study for them. However, since we haven't gone through it, our trials are only going to have the three core modules and not the...
  9. DatAtarLyfe

    Creative halp

    "Alex was used to staying up well past midnight himself thanks to the copious amounts of homework his college professors seemed oh so fond of throwing at him during the school year, but Alex's father was almost always asleep by nine, especially on warm summer nights like this one" How would...
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    For the first dot point, how many types of occupations/chemists should i know about? I was just going to learn environmental and analytical, but do they ever ask for a specific one during exams? Or are they very broad on these types of questions?
  11. DatAtarLyfe


    Question: What is the pH of a solution containing a mixture of 25.0mL of 0.25mol/L HNO3 and 20.0mL of 0.35mol/L HCl? So i found the moles of HCl = 0.007, then found the moles of HNO3 = 0.00625. I then subtracted the moles of HNO3 from the moles of HCl = 0.00075 moles in excess of HCl. This...
  12. DatAtarLyfe

    Diprotic Question

    Can someone please explain why the answer is C, i'm not particularly sure how to exactly work it out. I know it's not A or D, but why is it not B?
  13. DatAtarLyfe

    Buffer System

    Can someone explain to me how buffers work? I know what they're purpose is and where they're used, but i can't actually understand HOW they manage to maintain that certain pH? I've read the jacaranda textbook which just confused me, and read another set of notes that basically simplified...
  14. DatAtarLyfe


    - perform a first-hand investigation, gather information and analyse data to calculate initial and final velocity, maximum height reached, range and time of flight of a projectile for a range of situations by using simulations, data loggers and computer analysis So i tried to look for what we...
  15. DatAtarLyfe

    Generic Essay Help

    In preparation for the creation of my generic essay, i've broken down the rubric into a list of concepts that can be asked. I then highlighted the concepts that worked hand-in-hand which i could talk about in my generic, in order to make it a "generic" that covers all bases. However, i've come...
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    Hey, does anyone know what aggregate i need in order to get a 99.95 atar? Thanks
  17. DatAtarLyfe

    Primitive Functions

    Hey, which textbook has questions on primitive functions? I've tried looking for them in all my cambridge ones but i can't find them Thanks
  18. DatAtarLyfe

    Making notes

    When making notes, do you guys handwrite them or do you type them out on the computer? I found that handwriting them helps me remember them more but takes soo damn long. Typing is ok and I can do a lot more work but i don't absorb as much. Plus using the computer can get distracting with...
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    I'm a part of the leadership team at our school and a big debate that's going on atm is moving our trials back. Our school does their trials in mid-end of term 2 and so a lot of the students want it moved back into term 3 as they get more time to study and how the majority of schools in the...
  20. DatAtarLyfe

    Atar estimate

    This is just for lolz, cause these are my year 11 ranks and i know that it won't equate to my actual atar. Just wanted to see :p Engrish: 8/44 Mathematics: 1/46 MX1: 2/22 Chem: 3/48 Physics: 2/24 Business: 10/95 Engineering: 1/18 School rank: 350ish