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    Pip Pip Pip Fin

    YAY woohoo how good does it feel to have the PIP out of the way!! Mines was called: Time is never wasted when you're wasted all the time! it was about teen binge drinking n how girls are increasingly drinking more than guys!
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    that just takes you back to english advanced. i think u thought i meant front line...whereas i meant fineline...but thanx anyways
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    Is anyone doing fineline in class for representation and text - telling the truth? If ya are would you be able to give me any info you have like summaries etc.! thanx shell
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    um i was finkin bout doin sumfin on teenage binge drinking but im not sure how to structure it with like the cross cultural comparasion?! nah i havent done any methodologies yet still tryn to figure it all out! wat are the 3 ur choosing from?
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    half yrlys - essay!???

    yo, my half yrlys r in like a wk n a bit n we have to write an essay about huck finn and one thing out of the stimulus book! we have to l;ike integrate them and talk bout physical journeys! i am so stuck, is anyone doing anything like this? if ya r plz help moi!!!!!
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    i need physical journey help real BAD!!

    you could choose a movie! pretty much any movie you choose has a physical journey! here are a few i can think of: Shrek pleasantville ice age cider house rules road to perdition the wizard of oz dances with wolves there ya go jus a few i could remember from this site i was looking up...
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    is anyone having big problems with doin a PIP...? cos i am n its stressin me out!!! HELP