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  1. iBibah

    State of Origin 2014

    Get. Keen.
  2. iBibah

    The Breaking Bad Thread

    Just thought a thread was due for such a great show, I only finished watching it yesterday. Warning: Spoilers alert. Don't recommend reading this thread if you are planning to watch the series. My first question: Why do you think Walt let Jane Margolis die? Some say...
  3. iBibah

    Sciences All Nyter Thread

    Who'll be all nighter-ing with physics, chem and bio coming up?
  4. iBibah

    [POLL] How hard did you find the exam?

    On a scale of 1-10? Vote^^
  5. iBibah

    Maths derp moments

    What are some silly and derp mistakes you've made while doing maths? (Exam or study) The one that haunts me for life is in year 10, apparently 80-6=76.....
  6. iBibah

    2013 CSSA Physics Trial

    Anyone ready for tomorrow? Any questions while revising that someone may help you with?
  7. iBibah

    CSSA 2013 MX2 Trial Discussion

    Thought I'd kick it off. For those interested, the last part of question eight was essentially 2009 HSC question 7(b). Thoughts?
  8. iBibah

    Changes to UMAT 2013 - Reading time, Sections not divided

    Changes for the 2013 UMAT, on a letter given to our Careers Advisor: How do you think this will affect candidates?
  9. iBibah

    Raw Assessment Mark Calculator

    This is a calculator I made a couple of months ago that calculates your cumulative raw assessment mark. Weighting: If the weighting is 15%, simply input 15. Mark: If the mark is 23/27, input '23/27'. The weighted mark will be determined and so will your cumulative raw assessment mark...
  10. iBibah

    0.9999999999.... = 1 ?????

    I personally think it does equal to one. What do you think?
  11. iBibah

    ITT: Post Mathematics (2U) Questions/Problems

    Noticed similar threads for other subs, so why not 2u :)
  12. iBibah

    4U Textbook Comparison

    So what do you think of the textbooks in terms of: -Range of Difficulty -Style of Questions -Relevance of Questions (inside the syllabus?) -Topic strengths/weaknesses -Answer section Does Cambridge dominate 4U like it does 3U? I've seen the other thread but it was from 6 years ago and I...
  13. iBibah

    Question on ranks

    Hi, If someone finishes rank first after the trial, that means that their HSC mark is not restricted by the cohort if they get the highest exam mark. When BoS decides on state ranks do they look at how much you are first by (assuming you get the highest exam mark, say 100%), or if your first...
  14. iBibah

    HSC Subject Ideas

    What would be,in your opinion, a good new subject in the HSC? I was thinking of some sort of Extension Physics whereby a higher level of maths is used (such as calculus).