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    Gap Year Or Not???? HELP!!!

    Hey im really struggling to know whether to have a gap year or not, but i need to know really soon for job applications. Your advice please.... CASE FOR A GAP YEAR: - earn and save money - get name out into workforce - turn 18 (im not 18 till August 09) :( - have a break from school - not have...
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    Short Story History and Memory related text

    heya i was wondering if anybody had any good short stories for H+M. I know that there is momento mori, but i was wondering if anyone knows of any other good ones. Im doing either big fish/eternal sunshine of the spotless mind as my other related text.... thanks
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    Araby - James Joyce

    Heya Ive decided to do the short story of 'Abary' by James Joyce as a related text. Just wondering if anyone has looked at it in class and has got any extra information.... All help would be greatly appreciated...
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    Bulk up

    hey im like 6 foot and weigh just 58kg. im frecking skinny as. I need to bulk up in the off-season for football though, cos im looking to get into representative stages next season without getting smashed to pieces (again). does protein powder work? how often should you take it? do you have to...