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    Ladies: do you care if your man goes to a strip club?

    Because swallowing male cum and giving blow jobs has a different cultural connetation as appose to doing it to a female. Now im going to feel like im repeating myself, but pornography is defined as the domination of one party over another. In this case, males over females. When a blow job...
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    Ladies: do you care if your man goes to a strip club?

    *Sigh* Thats why my bf is 28 and thats why i dont go out with young guys. *Sigh* again
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    Guys: Would you put up with a girl who didn't like porn?

    Ahh at last! There is hope for the male species. I'm lucky coz my bf says that porn is for those who cant get any. Like someone said eariler, no girl should put up with it, if u wanna hear more of my views just view the thread about strip clubs lol its all explained there.
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    Ladies: do you care if your man goes to a strip club?

    and your beliefs derive from the non-intellectual pool of conformitism. By accepting and promoting bf's to go to strip clubs and watching porn teaches both how males should think of females and sex and it sets the standards for women. Btw, your male and of course you'll defend your...
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    Comeback Thread

    LMAO damn, didnt know there were so many women-bashers on the forum. I liked the comeback 'your a man too?' now thats funny. Minushuman fuck your a dickhead
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    Ladies: do you care if your man goes to a strip club?

    honey i bet you believe in free speech as well. yeah? I know everyone will go against EVERYTHING i said, but my god you people are stupid
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    Ladies: do you care if your man goes to a strip club?

    your getting used to the idea????? only if there is no touching????? what the FUCK is wrong with you people??!!!! I know now there is the latest craze of trying to look cool and watch porn with ur bf and go to strip clubs together or even letting him do it himself. But what the fuck...
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    I'll Call Back But Never Did

    yeah that happened to me, i applied for a telstra job, went through the whole assessment procdure, spent a day in sydney, spent money getting passport size i.d photographs and etc, they rang and said i was accepted, but i asked if she could ring in 20 minutes...ha! never heard of her again...
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    Fellas lets ask the questions to the ladies we always wanted...

    Your just fucked, oh my god, blowing in a girls mouth is love???!!!! It's true, we are living in a fucked up world. Ok girls, who in here would gladly allow ur boyfriends to "blow in ur mouth and face" to show their love. In our society, yes the western society, the porn industry has...
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    Fellas lets ask the questions to the ladies we always wanted...

    as dor the guys arses, im totally obsessed with my bf's, its so cute and i believe in leveling up the playing field, so while guys check out chicks arses, im happy to play, lick and exploit my boyfriends :) he likes it anyway. And in reference to those "decent-intelligent" girls who hang out...
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    lets get this right, girls like to play with guys minds too, its very fun ever seen the oprah show on how if i guy doesnt call you, talk to u, show interest in you that wel... he's just not into you. Dont be the fool, protect urself from getting hurt, he obviously doesnt like u how u like...
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    B Communication and Media Studies/B Arts (and Graphic Design (New Media))

    in terms of the communications and media degree EVERYBODY NEEDS TO DO IT it is such an important degree, ranging from politics -philopsphy and covers all the issues that fuck up the world. if ur the type of person who has strong opionions and like to assert them then u need to do this...
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    Fellas lets ask the questions to the ladies we always wanted...

    yes yes, one thing i want guys to know, well actually theres several things. 1) Dont, ever, NEVER think that wat turns girls on in pornos is a true reflection with what turns girls on in real life. 2) dont, ever, NEVER assume and expect girls to like or want to give blow jobs. I went out...
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    Can someone comment on my MOD B essay? Thank you!

    ok, i'll critique it. *you said "Although it had initially been received as a ‘strange’ and ‘ambiguous’ book, it has attracted much attention and appreciation throughout the 20th century", says who??? u need some one to back it up. *the psychoanalyical paragraph is good. yeah the rest...
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    studying, how much

    trust me, i did the hsc last year, i swear i studied less than 5 hours for each subject. there is no need to study for 10 hours a day like some freaks seem to do, now that im at uni, i realise the hsc is ten times easier and there is not much to memorise. so take it easy and enjoy the...
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    another uai prediction

    i say u'll get in the low 70's
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    yes, another uai prediction, please?

    nah u'll get at least 90 for sure.
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    what are some films for journeys for my HSC next year

    cross roads by britney spears hahaha
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    Good luck, everybody!

    hmm, for my legal studies exam i studied the night b4, well actually that morning, playing a memory game to help me memorise the legislation. i got the top mark at my school. The key to studying, is not to know every little possible little thing, but rather, make sure u are fluent on all...
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    If your girl or boyfriend wouldn't have sex...

    there was this girl a couple of years ago who really liked me, and everyone though we should be going out but we didn't. the reason was because she wouldn't do anything physical. the foundation of a relationship is physical attraction and showing that physical attraction. it just doesn't work...