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  1. poloktim

    First Lecture

    Just find the lost city of Atlantis, it's in there somewhere. :)
  2. poloktim

    UOW #1 Most Satisfactory?! ... NO

    They didn't ask me if I was satisfied. :( Most universities have what you described. I think UTS is the only one with the bustling city part because it's kind-of spread out in the city. Get Internet at home. Use the Internet on campus for campus purposes. Also, last time I was near building...
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    Kirby bows out but rejects "Great Dissenter" tag.

    Kirby bows out but rejects "Great Dissenter" tag | National Breaking News | Was he the Great Dissenter? Discuss.
  4. poloktim

    Math187/ Math141?

    I would probably take 141/142 if I was you. So long as you get 65+ in 142 (and if not, you'll need to take 162 in Summer), you'll be fine for second year maths. Though physics... perhaps 187/188 is good for you. Based on marks though, maybe 141/142 is doable. :)
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    Does HIV cause AIDS?

    I missed you.
  6. poloktim

    Drunk baby born 15 times over limit

    While not breathing, I thought babies did open their mouths and practiced breathing/sucking their thumbs (later in development, of course)...
  7. poloktim

    What languages do you know?

    Java is not a first year language. It's a quick language you pick up during your studies after you learn a language that requires you to manage memory. :( Teaching people Java first teaches people to be sloppy programmers. :(
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    *Drum roll* Early entry

    You need to contact uniadvice to inquire about how to get into Wollongong.
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    What's your job and how much you earn?

    What job is it? What does it involve? Where at? 80k is an impressive starting salary...
  10. poloktim

    why do people think B arts = unemployment??

    Without reading the whole thread, Arts graduates are very employable. You have the skills to learn something new quickly and can use them in all sorts of settings (not necessarily working in what your major is, but working with the skills - reporting - you picked up throughout your degree)...
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    Bad Lecturers

    I'd like to direct you to:
  12. poloktim

    uow careers fair

    Re: Truth or Lies? That's what the careers fair is there for. Well, that and to assist those who aren't graduating to get an idea of what they should do in order to be ideal for one of these opportunities.
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    What are people at UOW like?

    Or they're from Wollongong and are too lazy (and too smart) to commute to Sydney everyday (and smart enough not to have to work a fulltime job while they go to uni, either :D).
  15. poloktim

    Environment or Medicinal Chemistry?

    Methinks the overall intention and meaning of my post went over your head.
  16. poloktim

    Environment or Medicinal Chemistry?

    Neither, take an English major. :) (Fuck you all, I got in here to say this first! :D)
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    Student ID card

    Your car is polluting my earth you vagina! You're the loser for killing my ozone! (Hiya! :santa: )
  18. poloktim

    Should sodomy be a crime?

    Hahahaha. This thread is awesome. Obvious troll is obvious. I think everybody knows my opinion on this, anyway.
  19. poloktim

    UniCentre VIP worth it?

    Same. Though I did feel guilty all year being asked "VIP card?" by the bar staff.