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    Atar est.

    Harro. Since my homo school doesn't offer HSC assessment masks for the trials (done for half yearly) could i get an estimate on my trials / overall rank (: I will try to give as much info possible. School ranking - 10 - 20 Eng Adv - 78 / 105 in trials -> 76 / 105 was avg -> We did the...
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    Special provisions

    Hi guys. I fractured my writing hand a few days ago and the doctor said it will take around 3 weeks -> 6 weeks to heal. Should i apply for anything to do with special provisions? o.O knowing that the injury could last to 6 weeks and that the HSC is basically 1 week after that. Actually a better...
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    Undone / Genesis -> Karin Slaughter

    Hi guys. Just wondering if any one of you know the religion connotation behind the novel? Because i think i missed it / have forgotten :S. Thanks!
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    Economics trial / NEED HELP D:

    So who's ready? Our schools doing all topics even though we haven't comprehensively looked through Topic 4 which is kinda annoying... -_- any hints /tips for topic 4? really greatly appreciated (:
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    Looking for Past papers

    Hi guys. I was just wondering if anyone can link / anything related, me some past papers not including the HSC ones? I've run out of the HSC ones and I still need practice so if anyone could tell me that would be awesome (: