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  1. hipsta_jess

    Doctors fail basic anatomy

    From I'm guessing theres already been debates on this...I know at Newcastle, med students don't have to undertake a straight anatomy course if they don't want to...which seems kinda crazy Just wondering what everyone else thinks..
  2. hipsta_jess

    BB drama's

    Is anyone else having troubles with BB? I can log in and everything fine, but when I go to access my courses, it comes up with:
  3. hipsta_jess

    uni holiday job

    Wouldn't you be better off getting a casual job at a CML brand or something in Bathurst, rather than Sydney?
  4. hipsta_jess


    Ok, so I've done a quick search and not come up with anything (but then again, I didn't look too hard :p) I have a costume party coming up, one of those "come as something beginning with the same first letter as your name". Soooo...does anyone know of any websites that would give a...
  5. hipsta_jess

    jewellery making

    So I took up jewellery making the other day, and it got me wondering who here does it. If noone, then this thread will bomb, but hey, if you do, then chatter away here. Share your ideas, favourite materials, whatever.
  6. hipsta_jess

    workplace shenanigans

    ok, so a guy I work with and I have this major arse flirting thing happenning, it is done (on my part at least) to relieve boredom, but its getting to the point other staff are noticing and are like "for fucks sake, you two, get a room and get it over with!!!" Anyways, this would never happen...
  7. hipsta_jess


    Hey guys So my friend and I are planning on going to Bangkok later this year, and its my first overseas trip alone (alone, is in, without parents), and I so have no idea. I went on a cruise when I was younger, and had a day in Phuket, which I loved, but apart from that, I have no idea. I...
  8. hipsta_jess


    Ok, so I'm confused. I missed the first 10 minutes or so of last nights show...If Kate was shot in the head in last seasons finale, how is she now back working on the case?
  9. hipsta_jess

    The Biggest Loser

    So I saw the final on Friday night, but does anyone know when they're airing the reunion, so we can find out who is the 'biggest loser'?
  10. hipsta_jess


    Ok, I've just started working, and I need someone to explain this tax caper to me. Last week I earnt $270, and my employer withheld $70 of that for tax. When people talk in June about 'getting their tax back' does that mean I'll get 52 lots of $70 back or something? Are there any conditions on it?
  11. hipsta_jess


    So, with today being the first day of exams, I thought it would be good to have one place (instead of 50 separate threads) to brag about how good we went, how shit we did, or even throw e-daggers at people without exams *cough*SJ*cough* I haven't started yet, first is biomed on Wednesday, and...
  12. hipsta_jess

    CML interview

    Hey guys, So this is the story, a few months ago I had my CML group interview, and now I have a interview with the store manager tomorrow (Bilo). When I got the email to say I was shortlisted, it named a few things to take if I was to get an interview, I think a resume and some other...
  13. hipsta_jess

    I've done it again...

    ok, so I was going through the add/delete programs thing on my computer, getting rid of search toolbars and the like, and I think I must have deleted something I shouldn't have, because now I can't access the net... I dial up, and get the connection, but no pages load, and I can't open MSN, and...
  14. hipsta_jess

    Casual relationships

    So I've done a quick search, but haven't really come up with a decisive answer.. Whilst my original interest in this question was sparked by a situation with a hunky security guard I've found myself in recently, I'm interested to know what everyone thinks of casual relationships (be it one...
  15. hipsta_jess

    Op shopping it

    Ok, so I've heard quite a few people around here are into the op shops...share your stories! I really want to get into it (cheap clothes, hell yes!) but my friends are snobs, and won't come with me, and I don't have the balls to go I'll live vicariously through you guys!
  16. hipsta_jess

    bargain hunting

    Well, given we're pretty much all poor students here, I'm interested to know some of your bargain hunting tips, share away!
  17. hipsta_jess

    Email from Nick Saunders

    Well, we all got it, but for those of you who don't read your studentmail, here it is again. What do we all think? Personally, I think its a joke, I've heard of just some of the benefits Nick Saunders gets and you can bet your bottom dollar (ha! pun! I'm so smart! :p) that he won't be giving any...
  18. hipsta_jess

    laptops for dummys

    ok, I've done a bit of a search, but everything goes straight over my head.. I want this stuff in ENGLISH people!! Ok, I may/may not be looking at buying a laptop. Basically, I just want something basic, to do all the typical uni stuff (word, excel, etc), internet surfing, maybe photo...
  19. hipsta_jess

    work type clothes

    Ok, so, for my clinical placements, I need to have a "uniform" right, and part of that is navy work-type pants...but I'm at a loss as to where to look...every where I've tried so far (albeit "mumsy" type stores) all the ones I try on have a kilometre of extra material in the saddlebag region...
  20. hipsta_jess


    ok, I got sent a file over msn from a friends little sister today, and I opened it without thinking, it was called something along the lines of 'fat elvis, lol.pif' (or something like that), and anyways, now I think it may have been a virus, and everytime I search 'fat elvis virus' on google the...