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    4 tutorials in one day

    Just out of curiosity, how hard/difficult would it be to manage 4 tutorials in one day for someone on a two day timetable where one of the days are full of lectures and the the other day is full of tutorials only. (I placed the four tutorials on a thursday so ill have plenty of time to prepare...
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    By inspection

    Find the two square roots of −16 + 30i. obviously the most popular method of doing this is by solving it with simultaneous equations, but that takes WAY longer. I can probably do this in 30secs with inspection method and probably takes like 2mins with simultaneous. This is from Sydney...
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    multiple choice

    Which scenario best demonstrates the benefits of a fixed exchange rate system? (A) A country experiencing a recession fixes its currency to that of a country in which interest rates are low. (B) A country experiencing a boom fixes its currency to that of a country experiencing a recession...
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    How messy is your handwriting allowed to get in english?

    Ok I got my hands on one of those student responses book. hsc workbook thing published by bos. and some of those responses have god awful handwriting. its basically to the point where one in five words are completely illegible. I think in one of the creative writing ones, i couldnt even read a...
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    i THINK i got the first part. is it: <a href="\frac{20-DC}{10} = \frac{x}{100}" target="_blank"><img src="\frac{20-DC}{10} = \frac{x}{100}" title="\frac{20-DC}{10} = \frac{x}{100}" /></a> <a...
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    Implicit Differentiation Question

    Heres my working out: Whats the x= alpha suppose to mean? Thus how do i prove that its a root?
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    Circle Geometry questions

    help please... my trials in 2 days
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    2010 Independant Trial Paper + Solutions Request

    Much appreciated if someone could upload the extension 2 independent trial paper 2010 Extension 1 maths independent would be awesome too thks!
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    Strangely, the answer is false. Since the function is even, shouldn't the answer be true?
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    Few Economics Multiple Choice Questions

    Can someone please explain the answers to these questions. Couldn't the answer to the above be both A and B, it is obvious that the net income component has been a persistent/large sector of the current account deficit because of our low national savings and high foreign liabilities...
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    Creative Economics Workbook and Study Guide

    Does anyone have either/both of these books? I have the Creative Economics Textbook, and on the back, there's an advertisement for both these books. They're both 396 pages so it may have a chance of being quite in-depth and helpful. So for those who have it, would you recommend purchasing it...