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  1. poloktim

    Kirby bows out but rejects "Great Dissenter" tag.

    Kirby bows out but rejects "Great Dissenter" tag | National Breaking News | Was he the Great Dissenter? Discuss.
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    So who is graduating this year? If so, when? While most CompSc students graduate tomorrow afternoon, I'll be graduating with Arts and Maths students (?) on Tuesday evening! Who else will be celebrating the end of their uni life this week?
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    Sydney is about to get a metro system? So what do Sydneysiders think of this? An underground route to Chatswood, Cronulla, Paramatta, West Ryde, UNSW and so on. Most can be accessed using the above ground rail network, the most...
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    Is Information Technology and Computer Science deteriorating?

    By now we'd all be aware of the split of the School of Information Technology and Computer Science to become the School of Computer Science and Software Engineering (SCSSE) and the School of Information Systems and Technology (SISAT). This split represented the major differences between the...
  5. poloktim

    So far?

    So, how is uni going for everybody this year? For those who were glad to be back, do you still have the same opinion? For those who hate the place and want out, are you still of the same opinion? For first years, how do you enjoy it? Do you have lecturers or tutors that you've grown to hate...
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    Can somebody give me a DNS address? Preferably not one of iiNet's. Thanks
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    Howard to take up case of dying worker

    From olol. my kind of company. Australia under WorkChoices, a worker's paradise. Especially if you've got bowel cancer.
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    Summer Session

    Anybody doing summer session this year? If so what subjects?
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    Bad Lecturers

    We normally have them at least once a semester. So what makes them so bad? What could improve them? What subjects have they been known to teach? Why have a UOW forum if we're not going to warn each other about some of the perils of UOW? We need to get a channel of communication open here...
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    Well after ten days of a dead forum, I guess it's time to bring it back to life. What is everybody planning during Spring session? A full semester indoors, or lots of parties at Campus East/I-House/Weerona? What do timetables look like? Also, what subjects have you planned to go in one ear...
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    2006 Autumn Session Results

    They've been posted on SOLS! Is today a celebration day or a mourning day? Discuss here.
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    WebCT Vista

    More like WebCT Fucking Shit (WebCTFS for short). What the hell were staff on when they decided to use this piece of dogshit? Why do we have to pay fees when the university clearly shows it has money to waste by purchasing a licence to use fucked up software that doesn't work properly and has...
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    Well done, Ninga! This year Ninga graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Medical Radiation Physics, with First Class Honours. The top class of Honours! That takes a lot of work. Well done! Ninga, it wasn't enough you were dux of the college, now you have to be...
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    日本語能力試験 (日本語検定試験

    日本語能力試験 (日本語検定試験) It's obvious that all who study or have an interest in Japanese, and who use boredofstudies, come to this forum, so I'll ask here. Who is taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test this year? Also, what level are you doing? For those of you who didn't know about...
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    Midsession Break

    Get any work done? Lots of people use this week as a chance to escape the loads of work they have, so they can go out and enjoy themselves, but then there are those of us who see this week as a stay-at-home uni fest. How much work did you do this week? Do you have any nasties waiting for you...
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    What comprises your degree?

    What sorts of things make up your IT/CS degree? Logic, probability, programming, history, operating systems? Also what sorts of aspects of IT/CS does your faculty offer you to study?
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    The Windows Registry

    One of the key places to pinpoint problems in Windows operating systems is the registry. Most programs install a key somewhere in the Windows registry. The registry is also very sensitive. There is no save changes, all changes are made at the time of editing. A few points I think should be...
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    FAQ: Passing at UoW

    This is a work in progress, please note. I said I would, even if the comment telling me to was facetious, so here it is. I know this helps everyone who doesn't write much essays. For those of you who need to do CSCI102 in Spring, lucky you, you get to learn this properly, not just figure it...
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    FAQ: Read before asking

    Thanks babydoll_ for the template. :D - What’s a UoW? UoW stands for the University of Wollongong. - I know what a university is. What’s so special about UoW? If you want to know the full details, you can have a look at the official UoW website, . But I’ll sum it up...
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    Using UoW's eStudy services.

    UoW offers four different ways of administering yourself on the Internet during the course of your degree. Many people class all four as just SOLS (Student OnLine Services), however, this is not the case. Note, on the website at the top of the page, on the left...