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  1. PoisedTiger007

    Clerical recheck of marks

    Is there any guarantee that a clerical recheck could only be to a student's advantage? I mean it can't put down your former mark, can it?
  2. PoisedTiger007

    General Thoughts: Biology

    The kidney labelling question was weird because it talked about parts involved in removing WASTES, not filtering the blood or regulating body fluids.
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    Salam Jaffar how r you?

    Salam Jaffar how r you?
  4. PoisedTiger007

    disadvantage of quarantine

    Make sure that your answer as to quarantine measures are totally relevant to the disease. For instance, you wouldn't talk about screening incoming plant and animal products from North America and Mexico with regards to swine flu, since it is a virus and a virus will only survive in a host. Some...
  5. PoisedTiger007

    Biology hsc exam who ready!!

    ^It's called RNA polymerase.
  6. PoisedTiger007

    Operon theory?

    Well, just as a precaution, study the lac-operon example - about how the presence/absence of lactose triggers transcription. If you look at the process carefully you should digest it easily :) I do genetics too. Good luck! How do you find dotpoint 8 of genetics? all about the hox genes, etc?
  7. PoisedTiger007

    NSW to dump UAI! New Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR)

    Re: NSW to dump UAI! ^ The whole point of this amendment is to standardise the ranking system in all the states. Basically, they want a scaling system shared by all states (excluding Qld).
  8. PoisedTiger007

    How do we pronounce ATAR?

    What about the SAM calculators on this website? It looks like Bored of Studies needs to change everything over completely! What I find hard to understand is why they want the max. ATAR to be 99.95. Why not just make it percentage-wise? Why 0.05 less? :S
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    2008 HSC School Rankings

    Re: Top 200 Schools - Daily Telegraph How does Islam relate to the school being selective and accelerated???
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    2008 HSC School Rankings

    Re: Top 200 Schools - Daily Telegraph We actually don't. The average annual fee is like $1300.
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    2008 HSC School Rankings

    Re: Top 200 Schools - Daily Telegraph Hi, I'm in MFIS going to Yr 11. The main restrictions are in moving from yr 10 to 11. Thats where most of the students get kicked out. In moving from 10 to 11, there is a decider exam sat in the 4th term by the two yr10 classes - a boys' and a girls'...
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    2008 HSC School Rankings

    Re: Top 200 Schools - Daily Telegraph Yes! We came 11th (even though we went down 2 positions)!
  13. PoisedTiger007

    Religious affiliation

    As for you, Cosmic Doris, I do agree with your first statement; that we should use our logic and intellect to explain things; absolutely correct! Yet on the other hand, I never mentioned that I am a Christian, yet I do believe that the wrongdoers ultimately go to Hell. Now, I ask you to be...
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    Religious affiliation

    I think you quite misunderstood me there Mr. Stevo. My intention is not to attack your personal beliefs, rather to give you a rational insight to explain the purpose of life, and the reason why it is impossible for nature to have created itself; all creation must have a Creator, just as all...
  15. PoisedTiger007

    Religious affiliation

    To atheists. If you deny God's existence, then how do you explain the perfection of nature? Could it possibly be just coincidence? I don't think so! How is it that matter came from no matter when the Big Bang occurred, and time came from no time? Think rationally, and you'll soon realise...
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    Muay Thai

    Perhaps, but there is more to Kyokushinkai than just the physical part of it... :karate: Once again, check kyokushin vs. muay thai on Youtube, then you'll know what ur talking about! :ninja:
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    Muay Thai

    I wouldn't just stick to one martial art and believe it is the best. I study the art of Kyokushinkai; check it out on Youtube!
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    Weet Bix... how do you eat them?

    Eating Weet-Bix is very time-friendly and filling. I can eat up to 12 biscuits in ten minutes. I recommend you add Weet-Bix with milk, and heat it up in the microwave for 30 seconds. Keep in mind that the warmer it is, the easier and faster it takes to eat.